3 Benefits Of Adjustable Beds


Many people don’t think of adjustable beds as something that they can have at home—they are often associated with hospitals or they simply don’t come to mind when a person thinks about what kind of bed they want. But adjustable beds are gaining popularity in homes across the country. And why shouldn’t they be? They are fantastic additions to any home and they can increase a person’s overall healthy by helping them get a great night’s sleep.

More and more people are recognizing the benefits of adjustable beds. If you’re wondering if it is the right option for you, let’s go over a couple of the exciting ways an adjustable bed can help you in your life.

Aches, Pains, Arthritis

If you have any aches, pains or arthritis and wake up every morning with stiff and sore joints, an adjustable bed might be right for you. Many people try homemade solutions like keeping their legs propped up or putting a pillow between their knees to help ease some of the pain, but those fail as soon as a person falls asleep and adjusts their body.

With an adjustable bed, you can raise your lower or upper body according to your needs. This results in less pressure on tender spots, like your joints, as you sleep through the night. By elevating parts of your body, you might find that swelling has gone down, leaving your body feeling more rested by the time morning rolls around.


Snoring affects the person doing the snoring, and the person they are sharing a bed with. We’ve all been there at some point—it can be extremely disrupting to sleep near someone who snores the night away. If this sounds like your situation, adjustable beds might just be the solution you’re looking for.

People snore for a couple of different reasons but the most common one is that the windpipe is restricted because of the weight of the neck and head. As a result, when air is inhaled, it makes that catching, snoring sound as it passes on through. However, if you sleep on an adjustable bed, you can raise the upper part of your body, relieving some of the pressure on your windpipe and lessening the likelihood of snoring.

Sore back

A great yoga teacher once said: “You’re only as old as your spine.” What he meant that the health of the spine, or the lack of health, will have an ever larger impact as the years go on. That’s why it is so incredibly important to do what you can to ensure a strong spine and a healthy back.

Chronic back pain can have terrible effects on daily living, making it difficult to do even the simplest things like getting out of bed or walking up or down stairs. Again, adjustable beds can change your life. By elevating parts of your body, you will relieve the pressure they incur throughout the night, including your lower back and your hips. This, in turn, can alleviate some of the pain you feel day after day.

If you are considering purchasing an adjustable bed for any of the above reasons, or if you are curious if an adjustable bed is right for you and your lifestyle, come on by our showroom to take one for a spin.