5 Methods to clean wine stains from a latex mattress fast!

easiest ways to get wine stain out of mattress

It’s Friday night and all you want to do is pour a glass of delicious red wine, crawl into bed, flip on a movie and relax. Things are going according to plan when your partner (maybe your puppy? Or your kid?) flops into bed with you, and that glass of wine goes end up and spills all across your amazing latex mattress.

Suddenly, you’re not so relaxed. But don’t panic. We are here to help. You do need to act fast though!

In the event of a red wine stain in bed, here are: 5 Methods to Get Clean Stains from your Mattress.

Soap & Water

This old tried and true formula still stands the test of time. Get a bowl and fill it with warm water and some all purpose natural soap, then take a sponge and generously blot (don’t rub) the stain. If you have someone to help, it’s a good idea to flip the mattress upside down and prop it up so that gravity can help pull the liquid out rather than in.

Club Soda & Salt

We keep a case of club soda in the pantry specifically for occasions like these, it is always a relief to have it on hand when a spill occurs. For this method, pour a generous helping of club soda on the stain and apply pressure to blot it out. Pour some more, then follow it with a salt and gently (very gently) rub the stain. Repeat both steps until the stain has disappeared.

White Vinegar

If you don’t have club soda on hand, there’s a good chance that there is a bottle of white vinegar somewhere in your cupboards. White vinegar is also an excellent substance in helping remove red wine stains – the only disadvantage is the strong smell it has. That smell will evaporate over time so make sure you still use a generous amount to help blot out the stain.


Not everyone has borax either, but it can come in handy since it contains boric acid, a very common ingredient in household cleaning products. For red wine mattress stains, mix the borax with enough warm water to make a paste, then spread that over the stain, gently rubbing as you go. Leave until dry, then brush away to powder residue and optionally vacuum the area. You may need to follow with one of the above methods if there is a little bit of a stain left.


Bleach should be used as a last resort, and we recommend you use it cautiously and mix with water. Be aware that it will alter the colour of the material it comes into contact with so use sparingly, and use gloves to handle the solution.

If you have gone through the process of purchasing a latex mattress at our Surrey mattress store, you have made an investment in your health and well-being. You likely want to keep that investment in pristine condition as long as you can. We hope this helps in the event of a spill or accident on your wonderful and amazing latex mattress!