White Rock & Surrey Mattress Store

white-rock-surrey-mattress-storeWR Mattress Gallery is a leader in sleep comfort serving the White Rock and Surrey communities. We are the preferred company for White Rock & Surrey Mattress sales! We believe everyone deserves a great and healthy night’s sleep and we take care to match each and every customer with a mattress that is ideal for their needs. We also carry cabinet beds (Cabedza), frames, and top quality bedroom furniture in a variety of styles and colors.





The staff at WR Mattress Gallery

Our dedicated staff has well over 50 years combined in the mattress industry. We have been involved in every aspect of the mattress world; from designing new models, building the actual mattresses in the factory and, of course, selling them. We literally know them inside and out, which helps us steer you to the perfect mattress.

Why are we different than other mattress stores?

We have added a new element to helping you choose the best mattress for your needs. Your health! Traditional mattress stores sell you on comfort, quality and price. Naturally we cover those aspects, but we also focus on finding you a healthier sleep product. A major part of that story is Latex Mattresses. All mattresses have foam products in them. Memory foam is particularly popular today. Did you know that all foam products –with the exception of latex- are petroleum based and completely man-made? It has been documented that standard foams can off-gas, releasing potentially toxic gases while you sleep on them. This can continue for years.

Latex is a completely natural product. The sap from a rubber tree is collected and goes through a vulcanization process which turns it into the final form used in a mattress. This process also removes the proteins and enzymes that can cause latex allergies, meaning even people with latex allergies can use them safely.

Virtually all our mattresses use some latex, all the way to our 100% solid latex mattress with 100% natural covers! The added benefits of latex are that it is one of the most breathable and durable product used in mattresses today. You will not sleep “hot” on them and many of our latex mattresses carry a full 20 year warranty.

Another product we carry that we believe has tremendous health benefits is the Ironman Pure Energy Mattress. In addition to having a significant or even a full latex build-up, they use a revolutionary and innovative product called Celliant. Celliant has been clinically proven, by several leading North American universities, that Celliant can increase oxygenated blood flow to the surface of your body by up to 24%! The health benefits could be immense for people suffering with diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia, even cold hands and feet, Seep Disorders, Sleep Deficiencies and Recoveries from Injuries.

BC Made Products

Finally, WR Mattress Gallery prides itself on dealing almost exclusively with BC made products. As a small locally owned and operated business, we believe strongly in supporting other local companies and manufacturers. Along with our sister store M&N Mattress in Parksville, we feel that staying local increases our ability to both demand and get the best possible products with one of the best warranties and customer service.

WR Mattress offers unparalleled customer service as a White Rock & Surrey Mattress store. We will do whatever it takes to make our customers happy. After all, customers always come first! We offer industry one of the leading comfort exchanges of up to one year, free delivery set-up and disposal on all mattress sales; all this from the comfort of our beautiful new showroom where our low pressure staff will assist in finding the ideal sleep solution for your needs.

About The Owner

Raman Dhaliwal always wanted to have her own business and in 2013, she opened WR Mattress Gallery, an innovative one-stop bedroom outfitter located right here in South Surrey.

Raman grew up in area and spent seven years in customer service before opening the business. At just 28 years old, she has a passion for providing superior service and healthier sleeps for all her clients.

“Our main focus is on healthy and natural products,” Raman says. “We also source local and 95 per cent of our furniture, mattresses and pillows are made in B.C.”
With a specialty in latex mattresses, including the award-winning Ironman Pure Energy Mattress, WR Mattress Gallery elevates a mattress purchase to include proven health bene ts along with the standard comfort, quality and price.

“The beauty with latex is that there is very low to no off-gassing,” Raman says. “It’s a completely natural product derived from the sap of a rubber tree. It goes through
a vulcanization process that removes proteins and enzymes that can cause latex allergies, meaning people with latex allergies can use these mattresses safely.”
It all of the studies done, not one person suffered an allergic reaction to a vulcanized latex mattress or pillow. Latex also does not trap body heat and is naturally dust mite resistant. With a life span averaging 30 years (most mattresses have a seven year life span) and a warranty of 20 years with a maximum SP three-quarter inch body impression allowance, a latex mattress is truly a great investment.

“You can’t go wrong with latex, especially the Ironman Pure Energy Mattress,” Raman says. “Ironman Pure Energy uses latex and a product innovation called Celliant, which has been clinically proven to increase oxygenated blood ow to the skin and tissue of the body by up to 24 per cent. This can help alleviate the symptoms of arthritis and peripheral vascular disease often associated with diabetes, as well as illness, injuries, sleep disorders or even cold hands and feet.”

In additional to revolutionary mattresses, the Gallery also sells space-saving cabinet beds made right in Abbotsford. A great low-cost alternative to wall beds, stylish and functional cabinet beds make optimizing your space a breeze.
At WR Mattress Gallery, there in an uncompromising belief in customer satisfaction and Raman ensures that every purchase is backed by a 60-day price protection policy and every mattress includes a 120 to 366-night comfort exchange warranty.