Adjustable Beds Can Help Stop Snoring


Let’s talk about snoring, or “sawing logs,” as we’ve (hilariously) heard it called before. When your partner or someone in your household is snoring, it’s a tricky spot to find yourself in. As irritating and frustrating as it is to endure, you can’t really blame the snorer. It’s not like they mean to keep you awake at all hours of the night.

In order to have some compassion for snorers, it’s important to understand what’s going on in the first place. People snore because of a restriction, for one reason or another, in their air passage. This causes air flowing through the nasal and throat tissues to vibrate. Sometime very loudly.

There are countless remedies and myths to help put a stop to snoring. From space-age looking contraptions, to over the counter medication, to surgery. Some people even try to sleep sitting up. One often overlooked solution to snoring is by sleeping on an adjustable bed. In fact, adjustable beds might just be the simple snoring solution people have long been looking for.

Some people find that if they are more upright, instead of lying down, they snore less. So they prop themselves up with pillows or try and fall asleep in a chair. Unfortunately, a restful sleep is seldom had sitting up. People will get pinched necks and often end up hunched over, uncomfortable and in the end, still snoring. This has many consequences we won’t get into but it’s a widely known fact that poor sleep leads to even further health problems.

Adjustable beds can help snorers (and their partners) several ways. When a person sleeps on their back, gravity pulls down on their tonsils and tongue, leaving a smaller passageway for air to flow. This can cause a person to snore loudly. With an adjustable bed, the person still has the comfort of relaxing in a bed, but their nasal passage is under less pressure from gravitational forces. In other words, oxygen can flow without vibrating the tissue in a way that translates to snoring.

Adjustable beds also allow a person to find the exact right position that suits them best and reduces their chances of snoring. They can raise it or lower it as little or as much as they’d like throughout the night. Many people begin to snore after they fall asleep. So another benefit to adjustable beds is to leave the controller nearby so a partner awoken by snoring can adjust the bed without waking the snorer. We don’t need two sleep deprived people on our hands!

It’s important that people are getting a good night’s sleep as often as possible. While many things can disrupt sleep — stress, neighbourhood noise, poor sleep set up, snoring. Some of these things are harder to control than others. Snoring is one factor for which there are solutions. An adjustable bed can help stop people from snoring, and that can be life changing.

If you are curious about the benefits of adjustable beds, and are in the White Rock, Surrey or Langley area, come by. You can take one for a spin yourself to discover how comfortable an adjustable bed can be.