Benefits of Organic Bedding

benefits of natural bedding

Savvy Rest and the Benefits of Organic Bedding

Every day there are more and more ways to be environmentally conscious. Cars are running with clean fuel or on electricity, you can buy organically produced food of all kinds at the grocery store, and now, you can fall asleep on environmentally friendly, organically produced bed sheets every night. While some eco-friendly options on the market today might come off as fads, or unnecessary, there are numerous potential benefits you can get out of organic bedding or an Organic Latex Mattress, not all of which are limited to helping the environment.

Types of Organic Bedding

There are many different materials with which organic bedding can be made. Cotton and silk are among the more popular types of fabrics used to make organic sheets, but you can also find bedding made from natural wool and bamboo. Organically produced cotton and silk are among the most expensive of these four materials, especially silk, as it is a labour intensive task to produce 100% natural sheets. Organic cotton sheets usually vary in price depending on how high the sheet’s thread count is. Though it is more expensive to purchase organic cotton or silk sheets, the environmental benefits and the quality of the materials make them well worth the cost. This is particularly true in the case of cotton, which when produced using non-organic methods accounts for 25% of insecticide use worldwide. Bamboo and Wool are also good options to consider, especially in terms of health benefits as both of these materials are highly durable and resistant to bacteria.

Organic vs. Synthetic Sheets

When it comes down to a simple comparison, the benefits of naturally produced bedding compared to synthetic sheets are plentiful. It is a common misconception that synthetic sheets are more durable and will last longer than organic sheets. On the contrary, organic sheets can easily outlast their synthetic counterparts with proper care. That is not to say organic sheets of any kind require any extra care. In fact, organic sheets are able to withstand frequent washing, which is especially beneficial to people who suffer from allergies. Organic sheets are also completely chemical free, which is particularly beneficial when buying sheets for children and babies with sensitive skin. Some argue that organic sheets are less comfortable than synthetic sheets, but this is simply not true.

Savvy Rest Organic Sheets

WR Mattress is pleased to be the only Savvy Rest dealer in the White Rock and Surrey area. We are happy to offer our customers a quality selection of organic bed materials from 100% cotton sheets available to fit any mattress size, to natural cotton and wool mattress pads. All of Savvy Rest’s organically produced products are hypoallergenic and guaranteed to outlast any conventional bedding material. For more information about Savvy Rest, or other organic products available at WR Mattress, check out our website, or follow us via Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates.