The Best Murphy Bed Alternative


With higher density living happening in cities like Surrey and White Rock, the result is smaller living spaces and the need for more creative solutions in space saving.

One of the necessities of life is a place to sleep, and with smaller and smaller spaces, it feels like beds take up more and more room. But thankfully bright minds are always coming up with new ideas, and one of the best ideas to come about lately are Cabinet Beds.

Cabinet Beds rewrite the book on space saving bed solutions. In the past, in order to save the space that a bed takes up, people installed Murphy Beds. These beds were affixed to the wall on hinges that when folded up, looked like a large wall unit but when pulled down, Voila! you had a regular old bed.

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But Murphy Beds had their restrictions and downsides. You had to drill into the wall to set them up, and you needed the large wall space that could then serve no other purpose. Another limitation was that you didn’t have much of a choice where you put the bed, and you certainly couldn’t easily move it once it had been installed.

Cabinet Beds, however, have changed all that. Cabinet beds have a sleek and stylish design that houses a mattress that is tri-fold, and that takes only moments to switch between a comfortable bed and a fully-functional cabinet. You can move them around when you want to rearrange your furniture and you’d never guess that there is a bed inside the sleek looking cabinets.

These space saving beds are revolutionary in today’s small space living. Not only do they come in an array of designs and colours and sizes, the materials used on the outside can be made to match your existing decor. They are a discreet and beautiful option if you are looking to save space while not sacrificing taste.

Visit our show room at WR Mattress in White Rock and Surrey and see these chic beds on display. If you have any questions at all, our knowledgeable and helpful staff will be able to answer them, while providing you with options for your next space saving bed experience.