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For every 500 likes we get on our Facebook page, we will be giving away a FREE Queen Mattress Set, valued at $1000. In addition, we will also be donating to the Surrey Food Bank. How it works: -LIKE our Facebook page -Encourage your friends to LIKE our Facebook page too, so that we can reach 500 more likes -Every … Read More

Beneficial Role of Celliant in a Mattress

Celliant mattress technology benefits

Health trends can be hard to keep up with—there’s always some new product on the market claiming to perform miracles. From deep in the Amazon to the high mountains in Tibet, it feels like there’s a new gimmick (backed by a great new marketing campaign) every week. The problem is that few of these are backed by science. If you’ve … Read More

Cotton vs Polyester Bedding


A bed is a sanctuary, a port in a storm after a long day in the chaos of life. It’s a place to relax, unwind and drift into a new world of dreams and glorious sleep. Therefore, your bed should be as comfortable as you possibly can make it — from the mattress to the pillows, to the sheets and … Read More

Is Your Pillow Preventing a Good Night’s Sleep?

Are you using the right pillow for sleeping

Without a proper pillow, a person’s quality of sleep can suffer. And when sleep suffers, it sets off a chain reaction that can lead to a tough time in lots of areas of life. Many people are afflicted by insomnia and other sleep related issues, and they look everywhere to solve the problem. When in fact, the problem might quite … Read More

Choosing the right bed frame for your latex or spring mattress

Choosing the right bed frame for your latex or spring mattress

Getting a good sleep has just as much to do with the setting as the state of mind going into the dream zone. In other words, your sleep space set up is an important component of sleeping well. And it’s not only the type of sheets, pillows, and mattress that are important to think about. So is the type of … Read More

NewGen Mattress


Millions of people suffer due to poor sleep patterns. We’ve heard countless stories. They’ve tried everything under the stars to get a good night’s sleep, yet pass night after night in total frustration. It’s scary because a series of restless nights can have far-reaching negative consequences on health and well-being. But there’s hope! Switching mattresses might be the solution a … Read More

Common Questions About Latex Mattresses


It’s true that latex mattresses are more widely accepted and loved by the general public than ever before. But, like any product that replaces the old, familiar things we know and love, questions about them linger for some time. We get plenty of questions about latex mattresses, and thought we could save you some time and research. We’ve compiled the … Read More

How Bedroom Temperature & Humidity Level Can Impact Sleep


We all know what it’s like to sleep poorly. After a fitful night, we start the day irritable, unfocused, impatient and probably downright unpleasant to be around. Good sleep habits are a major component in overall health. That’s why we encourage people to treat their bed and bedroom like a sanctuary. It’s important to keep it dark, quiet, and peaceful. … Read More

How Sleep Cycles Work


For many of us, sleep is not something we completely understand. Sure, we know that we need it every night. And we know that if we don’t get enough, we’ll have to load up on caffeine, and don’t even think about getting in our way. We also know that if we are woken up in the middle of a deep … Read More

Do sleep tracking devices really work and help?


You might have heard the phrase, “there’s an app for that.” Since apps (short for applications) first came onto the scene in 2008, there have been thousands (and thousands… and thousands) of apps created for pretty much every reason imaginable. Many apps are, of course, are simply distracting and are nothing more than a great waste of time (I’m looking … Read More