Do sleep tracking devices really work and help?


You might have heard the phrase, “there’s an app for that.” Since apps (short for applications) first came onto the scene in 2008, there have been thousands (and thousands… and thousands) of apps created for pretty much every reason imaginable. Many apps are, of course, are simply distracting and are nothing more than a great waste of time (I’m looking … Read More

3 Benefits Of Adjustable Beds


Many people don’t think of adjustable beds as something that they can have at home—they are often associated with hospitals or they simply don’t come to mind when a person thinks about what kind of bed they want. But adjustable beds are gaining popularity in homes across the country. And why shouldn’t they be? They are fantastic additions to any … Read More

Guest Bedroom Design Tips


You might be familiar with the feeling of being… underwhelmed by someone else’s guest bedroom. All too often, guest bedrooms act as a pit stop for furniture before it ends up in the trash. Sunken mattresses, threadbare sheets and blankets, outdated furniture. We’ve all been there. If you have a guest bedroom in your home, don’t fall into this trap! … Read More

How To Establish Healthy Sleeping Habits


We’ve all been there: wide awake, mind is racing, wishing for nothing more than to simply fall asleep. Toss this way. Turn that way. The frustration of being awake doesn’t help and keeps you awake even more! Sleep is one of the most important components of good health, as important as exercise and a good diet. And yet it is … Read More

Come See Us at The Vancouver Fall Home Show

We’re thrilled to be attending the 2017 Vancouver Fall Home Show. We love having a booth at this show and always walk away feeling inspired and excited for the year ahead. The Fall Home Show puts on a great display of innovative, high-quality and beautiful products and it’s nice to mingle with like-minded colleagues and potential new customers. The Fall … Read More

Are Memory Foam Mattresses Bad?


We live in a world where we are flooded with choice. According to most estimates, adults make around 35,000 decisions every single day! It’s dizzying to think of the amount of information and input a brain has to unpack every second of every waking moment. When it comes to something as important as sleep, there are plenty of decisions to … Read More

Talalay Vs Dunlop


We’ve noticed that word is really getting around about latex mattresses. Even though latex mattresses have been on the market for many decades already, more and more consumers are discovering the benefits of these incredible mattresses. If you don’t know much about latex mattresses, let us be the first to fill you in on some of the basic facts. First, … Read More

When should I replace my pillow?


It is widely accepted that proper sleep is a key component to a healthy lifestyle. Just like getting enough exercise and eating a balanced diet, quality sleep helps with brain function, mood regulation, and overall health. When it comes to sleep, there are several things you can do to help ensure that you are getting enough high quality sleep. Things … Read More

Bo Horvat Owns an Ironman


In order to stay at the top, professional athletes have to monitor every aspect of their health and wellbeing. Including, or maybe especially, their sleep. Not long ago Bo Horvat, one of the most exciting young hockey players on the Vancouver Canucks, came in to our store to buy a mattress. There was no question in our minds that the … Read More

We Won A Torch Award!


There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being recognized for a job well done. And it’s even more special when you are chosen as The Best directly by the customers you aim to serve. Last month, we were honoured with a Torch Award, given out by the Better Business Bureau of B.C. Not only that, we were awarded 1st Place … Read More