Bo Horvat Owns an Pure Energy


In order to stay at the top, professional athletes have to monitor every aspect of their health and wellbeing. Including, or maybe especially, their sleep.

Not long ago Bo Horvat, one of the most exciting young hockey players on the Vancouver Canucks, came in to our store to buy a mattress. There was no question in our minds that the Pure Energy mattress was the one he needed.

Hockey players put their bodies through rigorous workouts and high intensity, demanding situations on the ice and off. Nearly every day is filled with strenuous physical activity in order to stay in shape for challenges they face in the rink.

With any professional or elite athlete, they also have to make the most of their time. And it was with that in mind that Pure Energy Mattresses were created. Originally conceived for Ironman endurance athletes, the inventors thought that the best time to help heal their bodies after a race was while they were sleeping. What if there existed a mattress that actually aided in the body’s recovery while they slept?

Pure Energy Mattresses use a state-of-the-art fibre technology called Celliant, which works by harnessing the natural energy emitted from our bodies. The fibre absorbs the heat energy from a person’s body while they sleep and transforms the energy into Far Infrared light (FIR). From there, the fibres redistribute the FIR energy back throughout the body, where it suffuses deeply into muscles, tissues and bloodstream in order to accelerate a person’s natural healing process.

Celliant fibres are made of a combination of naturally occurring elements like titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide and aluminum oxide, to name a few, which are then processed into a powder and later turned into fabric. That fabric eventually makes up the Celliant fibre that is used with synthetic fibre in construction of the mattresses.

In order to encourage the body to heal more quickly, the Celiant fibres allow the blood to increase the level of oxygen circulating within the blood stream. With more highly oxygenated blood, the body can more easily repair itself.

For a young athlete like Bo Horvat, taking care of his body is a large part of his job. After so much intense strain from practice and hockey games, a restful sleep with a higher rate of healing is well worth the investment. In fact, Bo loved his Pure Energy Mattress so much that he bought a second one for his summer home.

Even if you’re not an elite athlete, you too can benefit from these incredible mattresses. If you are curious about the healing power of Pure Energy Mattresses, our knowledgeable and friendly staff at WR Mattress can tell you more about them.