Box Spring Alternatives

Boxspring box spring

For those in the mattress industry, a thrilling (ok, maybe not so thrilling, but important) debate is raging (ok, maybe not raging…). About what? About whether or not people need a box spring. Does everyone need one? Are they useful? Are they worth it? Are there alternatives? Believe us when we say, it has made for some heated water cooler discussions.

Thirty years ago, this conversation wouldn’t have happened. It’s only in recent years that the usefulness of a box spring has come into question and alternatives have become popular. What has caused this evolution in mattress preference? Let us tell you.

A few decades ago, mattress purchases almost always came with a box spring and there wasn’t much consideration that went into it. Back then, box springs were built just like the name sounds: of a solid wooden box containing metal coiled springs.

Box springs basically act as shock absorbers. The springs would relieve some of the pressure that the mattress absorbed, increasing the lifespan of the mattress. Mattresses and box springs were like Bert and Ernie, they came as a pair.

If things stayed that way, there wouldn’t even be a debate. But alas, things did begin to change. Boxspring manufacturers began altering the construction of box springs. To save on costs, springs were removed, leaving basically just a box. This eliminating the main purpose of the box spring itself.

And what this change did, was create the possibility of box spring alternatives. Things like platform beds and the box spring substitute known as a foundation came onto the market.

Now, if you’re wondering, “why did anyone mess with a good thing? Now it’s just harder to choose what to do!” Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

If you are in fact worried because you are thinking of buying a new bed and don’t know what kind of set up is right for you, we’ve got you covered. Let’s walk through these options and their pros and cons so you can get a better understanding.

Platform bed

Platform beds consist of a headboard and a footboard, and a frame that is made of wooden slats to place your mattress on top of. These are a relatively modern trend and can be used with or without a box spring. However, most people find that the use of a box spring on a platform bed creates two issues: it raises the bed too high, and it looks strange.

Platform beds are most often used with just a mattress. Since the platform provides a flat surface, any type of mattress can be used — coil springs, latex, memory foam and so on. And since you don’t need a box spring, you can use the money you save to invest in the kind of mattress you want.


Foundations are basically the evolved version of the box spring, in that they are a box that supports the mattress. They are void of any kind of coil or spring system. Instead of absorbing shock, they simply provide a level and flat surface for a firmer sleeping experience.

While foundations don’t provide as much shock absorption as box springs, they do distribute a person’s body weight while providing support. This is becoming a more popular option for people these days who don’t want the cumbersomeness of a box spring.

In conclusion, true box springs are still very useful. They can lengthen the life of a mattress because they help absorb shock, relieving some of the stress that a mattress takes in. They can help conform the mattress to your body thereby improving your sleep.

A foundation on the other hand is less expensive than a box spring, while still providing support for those who enjoy a firmer experience. Foundations also give height to a bed if the set up is going on a bed frame, which is a great benefit for many people.

Finally, a platform bed can be even more cost effective. These types of beds are often very stylish, too, if aesthetics are a consideration for you. Platform beds are also very stable and firm if that is the kind of thing that is right for you and your body. As an added bonus, platform beds often come with built in storage, and who doesn’t need more storage?

So there you have it. If you are still unsure of what is best for you, fear not. Whether you live in White Rock, Surrey, Langley or anywhere in the Lower Mainland, come into WR Mattress and test for yourself. Our experienced employees will help you find the perfect bed set up that’s just right for you.