3 Benefits Of Adjustable Beds


Many people don’t think of adjustable beds as something that they can have at home—they are often associated with hospitals or they simply don’t come to mind when a person thinks about what kind of bed they want. But adjustable beds are gaining popularity in homes across the country. And why shouldn’t they be? They are fantastic additions to any … Read More

Adjustable Beds Can Help Stop Snoring


Let’s talk about snoring, or “sawing logs,” as we’ve (hilariously) heard it called before. When your partner or someone in your household is snoring, it’s a tricky spot to find yourself in. As irritating and frustrating as it is to endure, you can’t really blame the snorer. It’s not like they mean to keep you awake at all hours of … Read More

Can Adjustable Beds Help With Arthritis?


A good night’s sleep is essential in achieving health. Even though we all know this to be true, many people suffer due to lack of quality rest. This problem is compounded if a person lives with an illness, especially one that can at times interrupt a restful sleep. One common problem that we hear often is people suffering from arthritis. … Read More

The Very Best in Adjustable Beds


Throughout the Surrey, Langley and White Rock areas, WR Mattress is well known for our friendly customer service as well as our fantastic selection of top of the line mattresses and bedding products. Whether you are in the market for a brand new mattress or just want to upgrade your existing mattress with some new comfort layers or toppers, we … Read More