What’s Inside an Ironman Mattress?

what materials are inside a Ironman mattress

Materials Inside An Ironman Mattress At WR Mattress, it is our job to help people find the right mattress so that they can achieve their optimal sleep health. We believe that a good sleep is a cornerstone to a happy and healthy life. That is why we are thrilled to be able to offer our customers the incredible, unique technology … Read More

How Can Celliant Fibres Improve Sleep and your Life?


Getting a healthy night’s sleep on a regular basis can be a lot harder than it sounds, especially when your mattress isn’t giving you the comfort and support necessary on a nightly basis. Over time, people can become frustrated with having to spend money (and sleepless nights) on ineffective sleep aids that do nothing to improve their comfort level. While … Read More

What Are Celliant Fibers?


What Are Celliant Fibers You Ask? Let Us Fill You In! Celliant fibers are really a two part definition. First off, celliant technology is the leader when it comes to responsive textiles. Thirteen optically responsive minerals are embedded into the fiber cores. The fibers themselves, are either woven or knitted throughout fabrics such as bedding, apparel, even in pet products. … Read More