Beneficial Role of Celliant in a Mattress

Celliant mattress technology benefits

Health trends can be hard to keep up with—there’s always some new product on the market claiming to perform miracles. From deep in the Amazon to the high mountains in Tibet, it feels like there’s a new gimmick (backed by a great new marketing campaign) every week. The problem is that few of these are backed by science. If you’ve … Read More

NewGen Mattress


Millions of people suffer due to poor sleep patterns. We’ve heard countless stories. They’ve tried everything under the stars to get a good night’s sleep, yet pass night after night in total frustration. It’s scary because a series of restless nights can have far-reaching negative consequences on health and well-being. But there’s hope! Switching mattresses might be the solution a … Read More

Ironman Recovery Mattress Has Rebranded to Pure Energy Sleep Products


While athletes take their training and fitness seriously, they take their rest seriously, too. In fact, a good rest and sleep is a huge part of training for long-distance and high-endurance sport. Have you ever wondered what kind mattress elite athletes sleep on? It was an avid Ironman athlete and competitor that first came up with the idea of creating … Read More

What’s Inside an Ironman Mattress?

what materials are inside a Ironman mattress

Materials Inside An Ironman Mattress At WR Mattress, it is our job to help people find the right mattress so that they can achieve their optimal sleep health. We believe that a good sleep is a cornerstone to a happy and healthy life. That is why we are thrilled to be able to offer our customers the incredible, unique technology … Read More

Best Mattress for Back Pain


In today’s world, it seems like back pain is just a part of life. Many people suffer from it and many people simply learn to tolerate it. But we don’t think it has to be that way. If you are one of millions of people suffering from back pain, there are many things you can do to try and help … Read More

Wake Up Refreshed and Revitalized with Celliant Technology


There are numerous benefits to getting a healthy night’s sleep on a regular basis. When you wake up after a quality rest, you will experience less aches and pains in your joints and muscles, and your mind will also feel clear and prepared to face the day. Many people have likely sought out a number of sleep aids in their … Read More