The Best Sleep Solutions to Improve Poor Circulation

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Every organ and limb in the body relies on a healthy circulatory system. I to stay properly supplied with oxygen and to function well. When circulation is not in prime working order, some of the common ways that it shows up in the body include: Tingling fingers and toes Episodes of numbness throughout the extremities Being constantly chilled and having … Read More

To Share or Not to Share: Couples Edition

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There are few things more important for optimal health and well-being than high quality, consistent rest. Proper sleep – for 7-8 hours a night of uninterrupted zzzz’s, reaching deep sleep – has necessary and positive benefits to mental, physical, and emotional health. And yet… so many people do not prioritize sleep. In fact, sleep often becomes the first thing on … Read More

Scrolling and Sleeping: How Social Media is Affecting Your Night’s Rest

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Here’s an important question: How well do you sleep? Unfortunately, millions of people these days will say, “not great.” There are many factors that lead to a person not being able to fall asleep or stay asleep, leading to a groggy morning and a day that is plagued by the consequences of a restless night. We all know that things … Read More

How to Keep Cool While Sleeping

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The body is an intelligent machine that, when given the right conditions, is able to perfectly adapt to the complex world around it. Even when we sleep, the body is working hard to regulate its temperature. To keep us in the sleep state, to process the day, and to prepare for the next one. Natural thermoregulation, or the body’s ability … Read More

Arthritis and Sleep

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Arthritis affects millions of people, in varying degrees of severity. But anyone afflicted with the condition will likely agree that learning to live with it takes a lot of time, patience and lifestyle adjustments. Arthritis is actually fairly misunderstood, and the term is broadly applied to joint pain, inflammation, and disease. Many people have heard of rheumatoid arthritis, which is … Read More

Lack of Sleep Side Effects are Devastating

Lack of sleep has devastating side effects for health

Too often people think that sacrificing sleep is just a part of living a busy life. The thinking goes like this: going to bed later and waking up earlier means more hours to be productive throughout the day. But this thinking is backwards. The less quality sleep a person gets, the lower quality their output is throughout the day. In … Read More

Do sleep tracking devices really work and help?


You might have heard the phrase, “there’s an app for that.” Since apps (short for applications) first came onto the scene in 2008, there have been thousands (and thousands… and thousands) of apps created for pretty much every reason imaginable. Many apps are, of course, are simply distracting and are nothing more than a great waste of time (I’m looking … Read More

Do Pets Wreck Your Sleep?


Who doesn’t love a nice cuddle with their pet? Dog or cat, it’s nice to curl up and doze off with your furry friend. They’re just too darn cute. But have you ever thought about what it does to different avenues of your life when you allow your pet to sleep in your bed, night after night? There is lots … Read More

Uncovering the Truth About Sleep


Sleep, it’s the great equalizer. We all do it and we all need. No one on earth is above getting a good night’s sleep. And even though everyone needs sleep, it is often misunderstood. Sleep has been studied and chronicled for centuries, but there are many myths that swirl around the concept of sleep. So, we thought it would be … Read More

How Can CELLIANT Fibres Improve Sleep and your Life?


Getting a healthy night’s sleep on a regular basis can be a lot harder than it sounds, especially when your mattress isn’t giving you the comfort and support necessary on a nightly basis. Over time, people can become frustrated with having to spend money (and sleepless nights) on ineffective sleep aids that do nothing to improve their comfort level. While … Read More