Choosing the right bed frame for your latex or spring mattress

Choosing the right bed frame for your latex or spring mattress

Getting a good sleep has just as much to do with the setting as the state of mind going into the dream zone. In other words, your sleep space set up is an important component of sleeping well. And it’s not only the type of sheets, pillows, and mattress that are important to think about. So is the type of … Read More

Common Questions About Latex Mattresses


It’s true that latex mattresses are more widely accepted and loved by the general public than ever before. But, like any product that replaces the old, familiar things we know and love, questions about them linger for some time. We get plenty of questions about latex mattresses, and thought we could save you some time and research. We’ve compiled the … Read More

Benefits of Natural Latex

benefits of natural latex

The Benefits of Natural Latex Like many naturally produced bedding materials, natural latex is quickly becoming a popular and healthier alternative to conventional mattresses and bedding materials. One of the major draw-back of natural latex mattresses is the fact that they are hard to research, let alone find while shopping for mattresses. Not only is WR Mattress one of the … Read More