Should Your Child Sleep on an Organic Mattress?


Are Organic Mattresses Suitable For Children? With the popularity of organic mattresses and bedding materials steadily growing, people are beginning to consider purchasing an organic mattress for their children in addition to themselves. Initially, some may feel skeptical about making such a big purchase for a mattress that will likely only be adequate for a few years. The average organic mattress … Read More

Savvy Rest in Canada!


Savvy Rest is Now in Canada! We here at WR Mattress are extremely thrilled to share some exciting news with our valued customers throughout White Rock and the entire lower mainland. We are pleased to announce that the top quality, all natural organic mattress and bedding products from Savvy Rest are now available in Canada. We are even more pleased … Read More

Benefits of Organic Bedding

benefits of natural bedding

Savvy Rest and the Benefits of Organic Bedding Every day there are more and more ways to be environmentally conscious. Cars are running with clean fuel or on electricity, you can buy organically produced food of all kinds at the grocery store, and now, you can fall asleep on environmentally friendly, organically produced bed sheets every night. While some eco-friendly … Read More