Sleep Resolutions to Improve Your Life in 2024

Image of man sleeping in a bed on a pillow

Can anyone really believe that 2024 is here already? Yes, these last couple of years have felt like one long blur, but it’s also wild to think about time ticking by so quickly. So, best to make the most of it! And how better to do that than by setting some New Year’s Resolutions that will improve your sleep health … Read More

Does Sleep Affect Athletic Performance?

Image of an athlete sleeping with running shoes on in bed

Whether you are preparing for a triathlon, have joined a sports team, are getting a jump on New Year’s resolution, or simply committing to a more active lifestyle, it is critical to include sleep and rest in your training. Sleep affects athletic performance in a few different ways.  Aids in muscle recovery and strengthening When a person sleeps, the body … Read More

The Best Sleep Solutions to Improve Poor Circulation

Image of woman sleeping in dark room on a bed

Every organ and limb in the body relies on a healthy circulatory system. I to stay properly supplied with oxygen and to function well. When circulation is not in prime working order, some of the common ways that it shows up in the body include: Tingling fingers and toes Episodes of numbness throughout the extremities Being constantly chilled and having … Read More

Is Beauty Sleep Real?

Image of woman stretching after waking up

We get sold on the the idea of beauty from all angles, but one of the most common angles has to do with beauty sleep. We’ve probably even talked about it without really thinking about what it means… so what are we implying when we say, “I’ve got to get my beauty sleep”? Beauty standards are often questionable and can … Read More

How To Soundproof Your Nightly Sleeps

Image of person sleeping with eye mask and ear plugs in

It’s always seemed amazing those people who can close their eyes and fall asleep literally anywhere –on a busy bus, next to train tracks, or with a party going on next door. Others are not so lucky – even the ticking of a quiet clock is too much sound! Or worse yet, a snoring partner or noisy neighbours. Many people … Read More

How Sleeping With Artificial Light is Affecting Your Health

Image of person on smartphone while lying in bed

In the age of the portable and ever-present screen, are we sacrificing sleep just to scroll? How does artificial light affect the quality of our sleep? The science is in: artificial light, whether it’s emanating from your phone, the city street lights, or coming in through your eyelids from the clock beside your bed, has a detrimental impact on your … Read More

Scrolling and Sleeping: How Social Media is Affecting Your Night’s Rest

Image of person laying in bed looking at their smartphone

Here’s an important question: How well do you sleep? Unfortunately, millions of people these days will say, “not great.” There are many factors that lead to a person not being able to fall asleep or stay asleep, leading to a groggy morning and a day that is plagued by the consequences of a restless night. We all know that things … Read More

How to Keep Cool While Sleeping

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The body is an intelligent machine that, when given the right conditions, is able to perfectly adapt to the complex world around it. Even when we sleep, the body is working hard to regulate its temperature. To keep us in the sleep state, to process the day, and to prepare for the next one. Natural thermoregulation, or the body’s ability … Read More

Arthritis and Sleep

Image of elderly man sleeping in bed

Arthritis affects millions of people, in varying degrees of severity. But anyone afflicted with the condition will likely agree that learning to live with it takes a lot of time, patience and lifestyle adjustments. Arthritis is actually fairly misunderstood, and the term is broadly applied to joint pain, inflammation, and disease. Many people have heard of rheumatoid arthritis, which is … Read More

Is it Normal to Yawn Excessively?


How often do you think about the humble act of yawning? Most mammals yawn, and even some fish, birds and snakes yawn. But it’s not all out of boredom or exhaustion, like we often presume. Baboons, guinea pigs and Siamese fighting fish yawn to show aggression, while some penguins perform a yawning-like action while they are trying to impress a … Read More