The Best Sleep Solutions to Improve Poor Circulation

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Every organ and limb in the body relies on a healthy circulatory system. I to stay properly supplied with oxygen and to function well. When circulation is not in prime working order, some of the common ways that it shows up in the body include: Tingling fingers and toes Episodes of numbness throughout the extremities Being constantly chilled and having … Read More

How Sleeping With Artificial Light is Affecting Your Health

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In the age of the portable and ever-present screen, are we sacrificing sleep just to scroll? How does artificial light affect the quality of our sleep? The science is in: artificial light, whether it’s emanating from your phone, the city street lights, or coming in through your eyelids from the clock beside your bed, has a detrimental impact on your … Read More

Soft or Firm: Which Mattress is Right For You?

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The mattress you sleep on can drastically affect your sleep quality, and your quality of life. That’s a bold statement – and a true one. Millions of people spend a third of their lives on mattresses that are either too soft or too firm for their needs, resulting in chronic aches and pains and a nightly sleep that isn’t restful.  … Read More

Scrolling and Sleeping: How Social Media is Affecting Your Night’s Rest

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Here’s an important question: How well do you sleep? Unfortunately, millions of people these days will say, “not great.” There are many factors that lead to a person not being able to fall asleep or stay asleep, leading to a groggy morning and a day that is plagued by the consequences of a restless night. We all know that things … Read More

How to Keep Cool While Sleeping

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The body is an intelligent machine that, when given the right conditions, is able to perfectly adapt to the complex world around it. Even when we sleep, the body is working hard to regulate its temperature. To keep us in the sleep state, to process the day, and to prepare for the next one. Natural thermoregulation, or the body’s ability … Read More

How Sleep Cycles Work


For many of us, sleep is not something we completely understand. Sure, we know that we need it every night. And we know that if we don’t get enough, we’ll have to load up on caffeine, and don’t even think about getting in our way. We also know that if we are woken up in the middle of a deep … Read More

Proof That Pure Energy Mattresses Help Sleep, Recovery, Performance & Wellness


One of the most interesting findings in recent scientific studies on performance and wellness is that rest and recovery are major factors in athletic achievements. In other words, athletes that give their bodies time to rest, relax and recover, are able to push themselves further in the long run. While that can feel like a real challenge for high-energy athletes … Read More

Uncovering the Truth About Sleep


Sleep, it’s the great equalizer. We all do it and we all need. No one on earth is above getting a good night’s sleep. And even though everyone needs sleep, it is often misunderstood. Sleep has been studied and chronicled for centuries, but there are many myths that swirl around the concept of sleep. So, we thought it would be … Read More

The Science of Sleep


Though we often don’t think of it this way, sleep is a necessity, not a luxury. In other words, a person can’t get by for long without sleep, it’s as important to health and well being as eating and staying hydrated. But all too often we ignore the need for sleep. We deprive ourselves of it, set ourselves up to … Read More