Getting a Good Night’s Sleep with Celliant Fibers, CELLITEX Latex in the Ironman Recovery Mattress

benefits off celliant fiber

How do Celliant Fibers Help To Enhance Your Sleep?

Not being able to sleep well and wake up feeling rested can certainly be frustrating, especially when it seems like there is nothing available that can help with this problem. Fortunately however, there are products and materials that have been scientifically proven to consistently help provide a better sleep experience. The Ironman Mattress made with Celliant fibers has been endorsed by numerous medical researchers at top universities for its ability to increase blood flow in the body which helps reduce pain and provide a number of other health benefits.

Tested and Trusted by Medical Professionals

Since its development, the materials in the Ironman Mattress has been tested and scrutinized by the medical community to determine whether or not it is truly able to help improve the sleeping experience of the average person. Not only have these studies revealed the technology in the Ironman Mattress’ ability to improve sleep quality, medical professionals are also finding there are a number of ways the Ironman Mattress can help people suffering from specific health issues such as diabetes and chronic back pain. Studies conducted at the University of California Irvine discovered that mattresses made with Celliant fibers were strongly associated with the reduction of foot pain in addition to being beneficial to athletes recovering from sore muscles as well as the average person who may have trouble sleeping through the entire night on a normal mattress. After conducting these studies, doctors at the University of California, Irvine stated in their report that “Celliant offers the medical community a new tool to improve overnight sleep quality as well as pain levels.” Further studies at Loyola University Chicago and Texas A&M Houston revealed the ways the Ironman Mattress’ Celliant fiber can benefit people suffering from diabetes on a long term basis. The increased blood flow to a person’s hands and feet provided by the mattress has been proven to help wounds heal faster and skin to be less irritated.

How It Works

The key to the Ironman Mattress’ success at providing healthy, restful sleep is the aforementioned material known as Celliant Fiber and Cellitex Recovery Latex. This material is created from natural minerals and embedded into polyester fibers. These fibers absorb the electromagnetic energy that our bodies produce and redistribute it while we sleep. It is this energy that acts as a catalyst for our natural body functions, resulting in the increased flow of oxygen in our blood which has been proven in the studies discussed above to have numerous benefits. The fiber works through up to 7 layers of fabric, meaning the Ironman Mattress will work even under a mattress topper and several layers of sheets. For more information on this product and other ways we can help you get the best possible sleep from your mattress, visit us online or if you find yourself south of Vancouver in the Surrey and White Rock area, drop by our store. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.