Do Adjustable Beds Help Back Pain?

choosing the adjustable beds for help you reduce back pain

Millions of people suffer from back pain – with the number growing ever higher. The more time we spend in front of screens and the worse a person’s posture gets leads to further pain. Chronic back pain can impact daily activity and can have a domino effect that impedes a person’s overall well-being.


Not sleeping on the correct mattress for your body’s needs can both be the root cause of back pain, and can exacerbate it, too. Even if the source of our back pain is from poor posture or sitting hunched over all day, a mattress that is too soft or too firm can make matters worse.


Back pain can also prevent a good night’s sleep because it is difficult to get comfortable. And that’s why an adjustable bed might help a person find some relief from back pain.


Adjustable Beds for Back Pain

Part of the problem that leads to worsening back pain for many people is that there is too much pressure on their sensitive joints and body parts while they sleep. Since we sleep for eight hours on average every night, if there is too much pressure on the hips, shoulders, neck, or back, the pain can be excruciating when we wake up in the morning.


An adjustable bed can relieve some of the pressure, thereby relieving some of the back pain. Plus you can use a high-end mattress with an adjustable bed, giving you a real chance at getting the sleep you want and need.


An adjustable bed has movable parts that can be placed in the optimal position that is just right for you.


There are a few ways that an adjustable bed can help with back pain:


5 Ways That Adjustable Bed Can Help With Back Pain

1. Allows You to Sleep On An Incline

Raising the upper part of the bed so that you are reclined but not laying all the way flat can help make it easier to sleep by relieving the pressure along the spine.


2. Allows You To Sleep With Your Legs Elevated

This position can also help lessen the pressure on the spine and can be especially comfortable for people with low back pain. Even if you are just laying down for a rest, elevating the legs can change the pressure points along the spine and bring relief.


3. Supports Your Back For Deep Rest

Instead of using pillows and other supports that move throughout the night, an adjustable bed stays in one position so that deep sleep is achieved.


4. Reduces Joint Compression

In the knees, hips, and shoulders. Often back pain is the result of localized pain in another part of the body that has had a domino effect and ends up centralized along the spine.


5. Prevents Unnecessary Pressure On Your Back

Redistributing the weight means that a person won’t be damaging their spine while they sleep.


If you are experiencing chronic back pain, you know how challenging it can make life. The combination of an adjustable bed and a high-quality mattress can be life-changing. If you are looking for adjustable beds or mattresses in Surrey, please visit our mattress store in Surrey.