Do Ironman Mattresses Really Help You Heal?


Many people wake up each morning feeling tired, unwell or unrested. Perhaps you know how that feels and you, like millions of other, accept it and move on with your day getting by on fatigue and low energy. You know that there must be answers out there but with our busy schedules and busy lives, who has time to think about sleep before the head hits the pillow.

Now is the time, then, to learn about Pure Energy Ironman Mattresses, a breakthrough in sleep technology that brings together the benefits of good sleep and the science of healing, all in the form of a mattress.

Pure Energy Ironman Mattresses have been clinically proven to help a person heal their body as they sleep so that they wake up feeling energized, rested and ready to take on the day. So how does it work? And, more importantly, does it actually work?

Ironman Mattresses use a state-of-the-art fibre technology called Celliant, which works by harnessing the natural energy emitted from our bodies. The fibre absorbs the heat energy from a person’s body while they sleep and transforms the energy into Far Infrared light (FIR). From there, the fibres redistribute the FIR energy back throughout the body, where it suffuses deeply into muscles, tissues and bloodstream in order to accelerate a person’s natural healing process.

Celliant fibres are made of the naturally occurring elements titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide and aluminum oxide (these are just 3 of Celliant’s thermo-reactive minerals), which are then processed into a powder and later turned into yarn. That yarn eventually makes up the Celliant fibre that is used with synthetic fibre in construction of the mattresses.

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So, a mattress that heals. Sounds incredible, right? But what do we mean by healing and what are the limits to it. Well, the Ironman Mattress won’t magically heal your broken arm over night, but studies show that the more oxygenated the blood is, the higher healing performance a body has.

Within a Celliant fibre, the thermally responsive materials act as a natural magnet for a person’s body heat. When these fibres are woven into fabrics and placed close to a person’s body, they increase oxygen levels in the bloodstream and allow for the body to function optimally. When people are not absorbing enough oxygen into their bloodstreams, either through shallow breathing or respiratory conditions, they can experience chronic pain, swelling and a general sense of tiredness.

However, with Celliant technology, a person will find that their circulation has improved and clinical studies have shown that even people with heart conditions or breathing issues can experience vast improvements in their overall health.

Below is a list of studies that have studied the effectiveness of Celliant technology:

• Enhance tissue oxygen levels in the body up to 24% (University of Houston, Texas)
• Stimulate quicker recovery and healing
• Heighten strength and athletic performance (University of Calgary)
• Balance body temperature
• Improve sleep quality (University of California)
& Reduce pain (University of California)

At WR Mattress in South Surrey, we are proud to offer our customers a chance to experience this incredible technology. We understand how important a good sleep is to the function and enjoyment of daily life and if you can increase your vitality through a good night’s sleep, well, why wouldn’t you? Come visit us and see if this technology is right for you.

Fun Fact: You may have heard the term Ironman before, it’s a race that combines swim, bike and marathon components. The race started in 1977 to settle a debate about what kind of athletes are most fit. 15 men competed in the first ever race, 12 finished and one man, Gordon Haller was crowned winner with a time of 11 hours, 46 minutes and 58 seconds.

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