Foam Mattress VS Spring Mattress

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Do Springs or Foam Make the Best Mattress Material?

Purchasing a mattress is no small matter. Whether you are upgrading your mattress or it is time for a replacement, there are many things to consider in this important decision.

The first step is to determine the mattress size that is right for you, but let’s assume that you already know what size mattress you need. The next step is to decide what material you want in a mattress.

Mattresses have come a long way since the days of a pile of hay on the dirt floor. These days, a lot of money goes into mattress research. Nowadays, mattress making is almost a science in itself. Research is backed up with long trials and precise testing when it comes to what materials are best suited for health and wellness.

The two most popular options on the market today are foam mattresses and spring mattresses. Both have their pros and cons, so we are here to help you make an informed decision on what mattress is right for you.

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Spring Mattress Pros & Cons

Let’s start with spring mattresses. One of the most appealing things about spring mattresses is that they are, generally speaking, a more affordable option than foam mattresses. Spring mattresses also last a considerable amount of time, lasting up to a decade or more with the proper maintenance.

However, spring mattresses do come with some drawbacks. For example, spring mattresses do not offer very good support for the body. This is because spring mattresses respond back to your body with the same amount of pressure as the body places on it. The problem is that some parts of your body are heavier than others, so there is not an even amount of support distributed throughout your body.

This issue of a lack of support from spring mattresses can lead to problems in the body. Some people might experience sore backs, reduced circulation, and aches and pains in the joints. Since we spend so much of our lives in our beds, this is something to seriously consider, especially as we age.

One more disadvantage that spring mattresses have is that they are non-hypoallergenic. In other words, they can be a problem for people with sensitivities to allergens. Dust mites and even mould can make spring mattresses their home over time. So, for people who are concerned about their respiratory health or have sensitivities, it might be a good idea to look elsewhere.

Foam Mattress Pros & Cons

Now we come to foam mattresses. While this style of mattress is newer on the market, a lot of research has gone into the manufacturing of foam mattresses.

Foam mattresses have several advantages over spring mattresses. For one, because of the way the material is distributed and the density of the material, foam mattresses offer even support throughout the body. That means that your body is evenly supported and that some parts of your body are not experiencing more pressure than others.

Another benefit to foam mattresses is that they isolate the feeling of movement. In other words, if you are sleeping with a partner and one of you is a restless sleeper, neither will be affected by tossing and turning if you sleep together on a foam mattress.

Finally, foam mattresses are hypoallergenic. A solid latex foam mattress is resistant to allergens like dust mites and mould and therefore healthier for you to sleep on.

Of course, foam mattresses are not for everyone and one of the drawbacks to them are the cost. They tend to run higher than spring mattresses. However, many stores will offer a payment plan if you are considering purchasing one. Remember, an investment in a mattress has payoffs like a good, comfortable night’s rest. This has a great deal of value and might be worth the higher price.

Another disadvantage that some people find with foam mattresses is that they take a while to get used to. They can often have a latex odour when they are new and getting used to the memory foam style can feel like you are sinking in quicksand at first. Some people find these qualities to be uncomfortable and not worth the switch.

Whatever you are looking for in a mattress, it’s important to make the decision with some research. If you are in the South Surrey or White Rock area, come by our showroom and see what is right for you. Our wonderful staff is on hand to answer any questions you might have.