How Do I Dry a Mattress Quickly?

if you have wet mattress there are some tips to dry your mattress fast

If you have a wet mattress on your hands, you are going to want to act quickly. Whether it’s from a flood, a leaking roof, a spill, or another kind of accident, a wet mattress can retain moisture and eventually lead to mould. A mouldy mattress can smell terrible,  damage your health, and cause all kinds of problems.


So it’s best to deal with liquid damage thoroughly and to deal with it right away. Here are the steps you will need to follow to dry your mattress.


Steps You Will Need to Follow to Dry Your Mattress

First, strip the sheets and assess the damage. For smaller areas, sprinkle baking soda liberally onto the liquid. Let it absorb for 10-15 minutes. This will help with any odours as well. (Some people use kitty litter instead of baking soda. For larger problems, kitty litter could be more effective.)


Next, take a towel and blot the affected spot. Don’t rub! That will just press the liquid more deeply into the mattress. Instead, press down with some hefty weight so that the towel can absorb the liquid. If you have something heavy, leave it there for an hour or so to soak up the moisture.


Use a vacuum to get rid of the baking soda. Then, use a hairdryer on high heat to target the spot. Aim the hot air flow directly at the wet stain for at least 20 minutes. Let it cool before testing to see if there is any dampness by pressing into the mattress. If it is still damp, repeat with the hairdryer.


As an extra precaution, stand the mattress up so that there is airflow on both sides. Place a floor fan so that it blows are past both sides of the mattress.


If the water damage is bigger, make sure you check to see that both sides of the mattress are dry. You may have to repeat the process on both sides of the mattress. Mould can grow within the mattress so it’s important to take this precaution.


If you have the outdoor space, and if it is a sunny (and ideally a little windy) day, prop the mattress up in the sunshine to really dry it out. Check the forecast though — you don’t want a surprise rainstorm to ruin all your work and make your mattress unsalvageable.


Sometimes there is just too much water/liquid damage done to a mattress to save it. Especially in the case of a flood or other kind of accident where it’s not just plain water that you are dealing with. You can also try some chemical neutralizers if there are odours, or call in a professional to use machinery to deal with the problem.


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