How Does Your Mattress Affect Your Sleep?


Five Ways Your Mattress Affects Your Sleep

A mattress can be your best friend or your own worst enemy when it comes to the quality of sleep you get every night. Recent studies have shown there is a direct correlation between how firm or soft a mattress is and a person’s quality of sleep, daytime productivity and level of pain experienced throughout the day. Listed below are five ways a mattress can impact the quality of sleep you may be getting each night.


New Mattresses are Less Stressful

A recent study was conducted where men and women slept on their old mattresses for four weeks, and then slept on a new mattress during the next four weeks. For the most part, participants in the study claimed they slept better and woke up feeling less stressed about the day ahead after sleeping on the new mattress. This is likely due to the firmer mattress’ ability to decrease the sleeper’s average amount of pain each night, resulting in an overall feeling of ease after waking up.


Your Mattress May Cause Allergic Reactions

As many as 20 million Americans are allergic to the microscopic dust mites that live in a mattress. If you have been experiencing frequently fitful nights of sleep, you may be one of the millions affected by this allergy. To prevent this problem from occurring regularly, be sure to frequently wash your sheets in hot water. You can also but a special allergy-proof slip covers to keep dust mites from reaching the surface of your mattress.


Mattress Ratings Are Subjective

A person’s sleep habits and mattress preference hinges greatly on their unique body type. Where a person who weight 175Kg may say a mattress is soft, a person who weighs 90Kg may find that same mattress to be quite firm. When it comes time to buy a new mattress, be sure to lay on it and feel it for yourself. Trusting the “medium-firm” rating labeled on the mattress alone may end up leading you into buying the wrong mattress all together.


Tossing and Turning is a Bad Sign

Sometimes knowing when to buy a new mattress can be difficult. Other times it cannot be more obvious when it is time to head over to the mattress store for a new bed. If you have been experiencing consecutive sleepless nights, or are just starting to notice you are not sleeping as well, it could be an indication that your mattress is losing its firmness, and you need to start looking for a new one.


Keep Your Work Out of Your Bed

It may be tempting to spend time before bed doing work on your laptop to get a jump start on the next day. Try to avoid this however, as you can begin to trick your brain into becoming active before bed, which can negatively affect your sleep quality.

 Keeping these five points in mind will go a long way to help you decide when it’s time to buy a new mattress. When that time does come, WR Mattress is ready to help. We are proud to have helped so many in the Surrey, White Rock and Vancouver area get a good night sleep, and are ready to help you too!