Celliant Fiber Studies

Proven Benefits of Celliant Fiber

There are a countless number of ways that people have been told they can vastly improve their sleep over the years. Unfortunately, a large amount of these innovations have proven to merely be short term solutions, or altogether insufficient ways to help people get a good night’s rest. With so many possible solutions out there, it can be hard for a person to find a sleep aid that is right for them. Thankfully however, there are some technologies and innovations available now that have been proven by medical studies to improve not only the rest a person gets each night, but the overall health of that person as well. One of these leading, clinically proven innovations in sleep technology is a material known as Celliant fibers.

The Celliant fiber is a scientifically developed material that has been clinically proven to speed the healing process in a person’s body while they sleep. In 2003, a study conducted by Dr. Lawrence Lavery demonstrated how improving the oxygenation in a person’s blood can increase circulation and eliminate muscle pain. It is this oxygenation of the blood that Celliant is designed to help with.

While we sleep, our bodies emit energy in the form of heat and infrared light.

Without Celliant fibers, this energy is emitted away from our bodies and cannot be returned. With the Celliant technology however, this energy can be absorbed in the specially designed fibers, and the redistributed into the body on the cellular level. Once this infrared energy is redistributed throughout the muscle tissue, it increases the production of nitric oxide in the body. This increase in nitric oxide makes oxygen more available within the body’s red blood cells, which is transferred more efficiently to the muscles resulting in an increase in adenosine triphosphate (ATP). It is the increase in ATP in the muscles that allows the muscle to recover more quickly while we sleep.

Since being introduced to clinical studies, Celliant fibers have proven to be beneficial in multiple areas of the body when it comes to the recovery of sore muscles.

In 2008, Dr. Ian Gordan conducted a study to determine how Celliant fiber can improve chronic foot pain. The study showed how participants wearing socks containing Celliant had a 2.7x greater reduction in foot pain than those participants wearing placebo products. The next year, Dr. Marcel Hungs, director of the Center for Sleep Medicine at the University of California Irvine, conducted a similar study using Celliant material to determine its effectiveness at relieving back pain. The study showed that people sleeping with Celliant fibers slept more efficiently and felt more rested when they woke up.