The Science of Ironman Pure Energy Mattress and Celliant Technology

By harnessing the energy of infrared light, the makers of Celliant fibre technology have created a breakthrough in sleep technology. Using the energy emitted from the human body, Celliant technology has been proven in multiple clinical studies to promote the natural healing process within the body, and help people get more restful sleep and live a healthier life.

The Technology

Celliant technology works due to the unique ability of the fibre to absorb heat energy produced by the human body, and transform that energy into Far Infrared light (FIR). The fibres then evenly distribute the FIR energy throughout the body, where it penetrates deeply into muscles, tissues and the bloodstream in order to accelerate a person’s natural healing process. Within a Celliant fibre, there are thirteen thermally responsive materials that naturally attract a person’s body heat. When these fibres are woven into fabrics and placed in close proximity to a person’s body, they increase oxygen levels in the bloodstream, allowing for better circulation and enhanced healing abilities. Below are listed a number of examples of the effectiveness of Celliant technology in improving the body’s healing process that have been confirmed in clinical studies in universities and medical institutions across North America.

The Benefits of Celliant

• Enhance tissue oxygen levels in the body up to 24%
(University of Houston, Texas)
• Stimulate quicker recovery and healing
• Heighten strength and athletic performance
(University of Calgary)
• Balance body temperature
• Improve sleep quality
(University of California)
• Reduce pain
(University of California)

Raw Ingredients of Celliant & The Manufacturing Process

What makes Celliant technology so effective in promoting the natural healing process of the human body is the heat responsive materials that are incorporated directly into the fibres. When introduced to a fabric that is exposed to a person’s body, this one of a kind material works with the body to relieve pain and improve circulation.    


Optically responsive minerals are selected. These include:

Ti O2

Titanium Dioxide

Si O2

Silicon Dioxide

Al O

Aluminum Oxide


Converting the powdered minerals (shown above) into a fibre that can be added to the Celliant yarn.

ground minerals

Celliant Powder

Optically responsive minerals are ground and mixed into a fine powder.

celliant pellets batch

Celliant Masterbatch

The Celliant powder is combined with liquid Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET).

celliant fibre

Celliant Staple Fiber

A fine fibre is extracted from the masterbatch and prepared to be woven into yarn.

3. Celliant Yarn

The final stage of the process involves combining the staple fibre with the yarn and weaving it into the fabric of the mattress, sock, etc.

celliant yarn thread

Celliant Yarn

celliant fibers enlarged digital drawing

Celliant Fiber

celliant under microscope

Celliant Fibers

Observe the end result under 2,000x magnification.

Celliant Properties

  • Specifically formulated, worldwide patent-protected mineral compound.
  • Micron-sized particles are embedded into fiber during extrusion. Average size of each Celliant particle is one micron.
  • A permanent part of the fiber, lasting the life cycle of the material. The Celliant minerals never washout, meaning no special laundry instructions required.
  • A human hair is between 40-120 microns.

Microscopic Images

cross section of celliant fibers

2,000x magnification of a cross section of Celliant Fibers

celliant fibers in polarized light

Transmitted light images of Celliant Fiber in place polarized light (n=1.544)

How Celliant Works


Celliant Fibers are created from natural minerals and embedded into polyester fibres.


Celliant fibers absorb energy from the body.

celliant fiber illustration
celliant cycles


Celliant converts the energy into a form usable by the body.


Celliant recycles this usable energy back to the body.

celliant heat transfer
celliant and infrared


This recycled energy triggers natural chemical reactions in the body.


These reactions result in increased blood flow and oxygenation into the tissue.

healing sleep
red blood cells

The Videos

The Studies

Below you will find nine separate clinical studies in which Celliant technology was proven to be effective in a number of different scenarios in which the fibres were applied to the body. These included using socks to improve circulation and reduce feet swelling as well as determining the effectiveness of Celliant in terms of athletic recovery and performance:

A Single Center Comparative Study to Evaluate the Performance of Celliant Fibers, Dr. Ian Gordon and the WIRB (2013) (Pending Publications)
Impact of Celliant Socks on Subjects feet with the Application of Celliant, Dr. Li Shaojing (2012)
Effect of Celliant on Pain and Strength in subjects with Chronic Wrist and Elbow Pain, Dr. Ian
Gordon (2012)
Effect of Shirt with 42% Celliant Fiber on TCPO2 Levels and Grip Strength in Healthy Subjects, Dr.
Ian Gordon (2011)
Influence of Celliant on Athlete Performance and Recovery, Dr. Darren Stefanyshyn and Dr. Jay Worobets (2011)
Pilot Sleep Study, Dr. Marcel Hungs (2009-2010)
Effect of thermally Modified Polyethylene Terephthalate Fiber Socks on Chronic Foot Pain Study, Dr. Ian Gordon (2008)
Celliant Study of Thirteen (13) Healthy Subjects, Dr. Graham McClue (2005)
Celliant Blood Flow Study, Dr. Lawrence Lavery (2003)


The Healing Power of Infrared Light

Our bodies absorb energy from the sun on a daily basis in order to maintain our energy levels and keep us thriving down here on Earth. The same energy we absorb through our skin from the sun is distributed by Celliant fibres, which works in the same way towards healing our tissue and muscles and improving our circulation on a cellular level. Celliant technology that distributes FIR energy throughout our bodies can also help us reduce depression levels, increase our immune system and of course, help us get more restful sleep.


Oxygen’s Role in Healing the Human Body

Breathing is an integral part of our daily lives. It allows our respiratory system to function properly, and keeps our blood cells oxygenated so we can heal ourselves naturally. In cases where people do not get enough oxygen in their bloodstream, chronic pain, swelling and overall fatigue can often be the result. With Celliant technology however, a person’s circulation can improve exponentially, and clinical studies have shown that even people with heart conditions or breathing issues can experience vast improvements in their overall health.

Aerobic & Anaerobic Energy – Phosphagen, Glycolytic and Oxidative Phosphorylation Systems

For athletes, Celliant technology can be extremely beneficial, due to the fact that it can enhance the amount of energy our bodies naturally produce (in the form of ATP, or adenosine triphosphate) as well as reduce the amount of recovery time necessary between injuries and major physical exertions. The three major energy systems that produce ATP known as the Phosphagen system, glycolytic system, and oxidative phosphorylation are all directly improved with the application of Celliant technology according to multiple clinical studies.