Is a Platform Bed Right for Me?

Image of platform bed

A mattress, bedding, and bed frame are investments that people will have to make every so often, and these days, the number of options can be difficult to wade through. Most people focus their attention on their mattress and often overlook the other key components to their sleep set up.

The bed frame and what the mattress sits on is an important component of a person’s sleep. Lots of people are choosing a platform bed these days, and you might be asking yourself, “is a platform bed right for me?”

The platform bed is a popular option because it can provide support and ventilation at the same time, it can be a cost-effective choice, and, stylistically, it can compliment a lot of different types of décor. 

Let’s take a closer look at the basic attributes of the platform bed so that you can make an informed decision if this is the right choice for you.

What is a platform bed?

One of the main features of a platform bed is that it is a raised bed frame that is also low-profile. Compared to traditional bed frames, these frames sit low to the ground, usually somewhere between 5 to 12 inches in height.

Most often, platform beds with be rectangular in shape, coming in sizes that are slightly larger than typical mattresses (King, Queen, Double), and will have either slats or a flat surface upon which a mattress will lay. Platform beds can come with a headboard, footboard, and/or built in side tables. 

Notably, the platform bed eliminates the need for a box spring, keeping the look of the bed sleek and minimal. Some people do choose to add a box spring to their platform bed to raise the height of their sleep experience, but these days, mattresses are often taller than they once were so that you can get a similar height without adding the box spring.

What are the Benefits of a Platform Bed?

Platform beds come with many benefits, but they are not the right fit for everyone.

1. Lower Costs

These beds can reduce costs when buying a new sleep set up or a new mattress, because a person can sleep comfortable without needing a box spring. The model will likely either use slats or a flat surface, either of which provide enough support for the mattress for it to have a long-lasting life. (Don’t forget to rotate your mattress, though, regardless of what frame it’s on.)

2. Good Airflow and Support

If you choose a platform bed that utilizes slats, it can provide a cooler sleep experience because there is more airflow under and around the mattress. However, depending on your body weight or the combined mass if there are two people sleeping on the bed, a platform bed with a solid base might be the better choice for support.

3. Low Profile

The look of the platform bed really fits in well with some aesthetics because it is low, sleek, and minimalistic. People who choose a platform bed might want no extra pillows, a plain comforter, and little clutter throughout the rest of the bedroom.

What are the Drawbacks of a Platform Bed?

We mentioned that these beds are not for everyone, and here’s why.

1. Hard for Mobility

Because the bed is so low to the ground, even with a tall mattress, it can be awkward or difficult for some people to get in and out of these beds, especially people with chronic injuries, mobility issues, or older people. Having a bed that is higher off the ground might be the better choice if this is the case.

2. Difficult to Move

Platform beds can require a lot more effort to set up and can be heavier to move. For some people who like to rearrange their furniture or who are prone to moving relatively often, a more simple bed frame might be more suitable.


A person’s sleep set up is personal, and everyone has a different preference and different needs. It’s smart to do some research, shop around, and ask questions to find the right fit for you. At WR Mattress, our knowledgeable staff will be able to answer any sleep- or mattress-related questions you might have, and they will be happy to help you find the perfect mattress and frame to help you sleep better at night.