Is Your Pillow Preventing a Good Night’s Sleep?

Are you using the right pillow for sleeping

Without a proper pillow, a person’s quality of sleep can suffer. And when sleep suffers, it sets off a chain reaction that can lead to a tough time in lots of areas of life. Many people are afflicted by insomnia and other sleep related issues, and they look everywhere to solve the problem. When in fact, the problem might quite literally be under their nose.

We spend one third of our lives with our faces pressed against our pillows. When you think of it that way, you’d think that we’d appreciated these soft, welcoming morsels a little more than we do.

Is it time to replace your pillow?

But when’s the last time you really thought about your pillow? Much less replaced it?! Experts say that we should be replacing our pillows every 2.5-3 years and washing them frequently. How many people do you know that stick to this kind of regime?

Pillow care and maintenance is important to take action on. Over time, pillows end up being a receptacle for drool, tears and skin flakes. And the materials they are made of break down and become less effective in supporting the head. While pillowcases and pillow protectors do a great job at prolonging the pillow’s life, the simple fact is that pillows eventually need replacing.

Here are some things to consider when shopping for a pillow so that you are doing everything you can to get a proper night’s sleep.

Pillow Firmness

A pillow’s firmness will depend upon the materials it is made of, and there is a wide range to choose from. Some people love soft pillows that their head sinks into, others like more support. Some people like a flat pillow, others like a fluffy one. When deciding on a new pillow, think about how your neck feels most mornings. If it’s often stiff and sore, the pillow might be too firm or too soft and it could be time to try something new.

Pillow Materials

There are feather pillows, foam pillows, synthetic pillows and natural latex pillows, to name a few. Each offer a different experience and every person will have a different preference. The material also matters if a person has issues with allergies or sensitivities when it comes to breathing. Synthetic materials might set a person sneezing, and feathers might cause an allergic reaction. Natural latex pillows are usually considered hypoallergenic and might be the best idea if someone is worried about their breathing.

If you are going to be investing in a pillow, and therefore your health, it’s a good idea to test drive a pillow first. A store that cares about their clients’ wellbeing will have a selection that their customers can rest their head on to see how it feels. They will also know what the difference in quality is and what will be best the best option depending on what people are looking for.

It can be hard to let go of an old pillow, especially one that seems to be perfect or that you’ve been sleeping on for years. People get attached and it’s easy to see why. However, if you think about it a little more, you’ll realize that it’s a good idea to consider what else is out there and to replace your pillow every so often.

If you are thinking about replacing your old pillows, or if you are shopping for ergonomic pillows and mattresses, stop by our showroom. We have an excellent selection and our staff will help you find the right fit for you.