Making Your Room a Sleep Sanctuary


Would You Benefit From a Sleep Sanctuary?

If you find that you aren’t getting the sleep you need to feel well rested and completely rejuvenated the following morning, the fault might just lie with your bedroom. Creating a restful environment designed to foster improved sleep could be your answer. If you are interested in a beneficial home project that could actually improve the way you sleep and feel, consider transforming your bedroom into the sanctuary you crave with the following tips.


Kick out Your Electronics

The electric hum of your electronics (i.e. television, cable box, game systems, computer) could be wreaking havoc with your sleep. By removing or unplugging anything that could be sending out electromagnetic waves, you can enhance the tranquil atmosphere of your space.


Remove Clutter

Too much clutter in your room could have a negative influence on your setting. Too much stuff actually adds to the busyness of a bedroom. You can create a more restful and airy environment by removing all but the most essential items from your bedroom.


Purchase a New Mattress

When you visit your South Surrey mattress store, you can learn all about the new technology that is used to create state-of-the-art mattresses. Talk to staff about your mattress preferences. You’ll find that a brand new mattress could be the key to your better night’s sleep.


Makeover Your Bed

Once you have a new mattress, you should add bedding that supports your idea of comfort. A mattress pad, oversized pillows, quilts, and sumptuous sheets could improve the quality of your sleep. You might find that a canopy that encloses your bed might also enhance your level of comfort.


Consider Room Color

Color can be a subjective design element. What’s comforting for some could be exasperating for someone else. If you want to achieve a soothing palette for your bedroom, many designers suggest choosing a color you associate with serenity. Shades of green or blue tend to be popular choices among people who want to create a bedroom sanctuary.


Bring the Outdoors In

Many indoor plants like aloe vera and spider plants can actually improve the air quality of your bedroom. If you breathe better you might actually sleep better too. Plants like lavender are known for their calming effect. You might want to keep a bouquet of dried lavender next to your bed to enjoy its soothing effects.


Lighting Schemes

Many people struggle to sleep deeply because there is too much outside light seeping into the room. Consider replacing your window treatments with light-canceling blinds. If you install a light fixture with a dimming switch, you can use it to bring down the lights as part of your evening sleep routine.

Once you revamp your bedroom space, you’ll surely feel more relaxed in a setting designed as a sanctuary. Don’t forget to add decorative elements like wall hangings or soft rugs that could also positively affect the room. Check out bedroom galleries online to get some decorative ideas. Just consider what makes you feel most comfortable as you plan your new bedroom design.