Mattress Recycling and Disposal

mattress disposal on the street

We have probably all walked past the sight of a mattress dumped in the alley under the cover of night. It’s a frustrating sight! We all know that illegally dumping a mattress is not ok. But it does happen frequently because proper mattress disposal can take time and resources. Still, it’s our duty to properly recycle or dispose of our mattresses. No excuses! This article will provide some options on how to take care of the old mattress you no longer want in Surrey or Vancouver.

Properly Mattress Recycle or Dispose of Options

1. Pass it on

If your mattress is in good shape, clean and free of bedbugs, why not extend its life? You can pass it on to a friend, put it on a secondary market website or call an organization that will make sure it gets to a person in need. The good thing about this route is that often the end user will pick it up and then it’s no longer your problem!


2. Recycle

Many mattresses, especially older models, are made of materials that can be disassembled and reused in other forms. From metal springs to foam and polyester filling, keeping things out of the landfill is good for everyone, especially the earth. Another bonus to recycling is that lots of junk removal companies will do it for you for a nominal fee. Just give them a call, pay them and move on to the next mattress in your life.


3. Disposal

The disposal can happen in a few ways. If you are purchasing a new mattress, often times the company you are buying from will take away your old mattress when they drop your new one-off. Easy as that!


In other situations, you may need to arrange your own disposal.

  • Take it to the landfill yourself. If you have a vehicle capable of this then you will be weighed before you head in and again after and will be charged by weight.
  • Call a junk removal service who will come and take your mattress to the landfill for a charge.


Of course, if your mattress has been well used, has undergone an accident that it can’t come back from or has become the home of a bedbug infestation, disposal might be your only option. In these cases, there are also protocols to follow.


If you have a bedbug problem, you will be required to inform the company of helping with removal. They might be able to help you bag the mattress to ensure that the critters don’t spread.


Whatever your circumstance, you should take the time and energy to properly dispose of or recycle your mattress. Passing it on to someone else is poor neighbourly behaviour, it is also against most city’s codes and bylaws. You may even be subject to a hefty fine — improper mattress disposal is often what those “No Dumping” signs are referring to!


If you are looking for more advice, there are plenty of resources online to guide you through the steps for proper mattress disposal.

  1. City of Vancouver
  2. City of Surrey

Thanks in advance for taking the time to get it right.