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Restwell Mattress in Surrey

Restwell mattresses and sleep products are made in Surrey, BC and serve a diverse set of clients, from individuals to corporations. For 30 years, this value-driven company has been creating some of the most comfortable mattresses on the market. From Twin to King, soft to firm, Restwell mattresses cover all bases.

Here are some of the most popular Restwell mattresses and product lines, each handcrafted by passionate professionals and designed to with comfort, quality, and sustainability in mind.

Pure Energy Sleep Systems

These mattresses are in a class of their own, a celebration of science and technology — not words you commonly hear in reference to a mattress! Pure Energy mattresses utilize exclusive technology that increases a person’s blood flow and helps them heal while they sleep.

To make the most of the time spent sleeping, Pure Energy mattresses use CellActive™, CELLIANT®, and Cellitex™ properties, which have undergone scientific testing and peer-reviewed studies. These mattresses are perfect for those looking to increase energy and stamina, who would benefit from controlled body temperature, and who want to enhance body vitality.

Pure Energy mattresses end up in the homes of anyone willing who needs to invest a little extra into their physical bodies — from elite athletes to seniors.

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Restwell Spring Air Mattress

The Chiro Comfort Collection

A cost-efficient brand that does not sacrifice quality. Suitable for a wide range of clients and customers, whatever their needs, models in the Chiro Comfort Collection are perfect for a tight budget, a secondary bed or a well-made fleet for a large-scale project or building.

Back Supporter

Every brand needs “the classic” and this is it. Luxury that won’t break the bank, a high-quality mattress that utilizes 7-5-3 zone technology that supports the body for deep rest. Great value for the price, these mattresses look great and feel even better.

Nature’s Rest

Talk about premium, these high-end mattresses use high-quality materials for a step above the rest. Nature’s Rest mattresses elevate the idea of what design and comfort in a mattress can be. Taking cues from the harmony and balance found in nature, these mattresses offer unparalleled ease and tranquility.


A technologically advanced mattress, Novo Sleep Systems® is leading the way in making mattresses that are personalized and perfect for each person’s specific needs. Whether you are looking to relieve pain or simply get the best quality sleep possible, these mattresses will not disappoint.

Restwell Mattress Company

This family-owned mattress company is based in British Columbia. Restwell has been providing people with a great night’s sleep since 1990. Their clientele includes both residential and commercial customers such as hoteliers.

Restwell produces mattresses and boxsprings that suit a wide range of budgets and comfort levels. Their products are designed for quality and durability. As a community-driven company, Restwell prides itself on providing excellent value and comfortable product lines. WR Mattress Gallery, your White Rock and South Surrey mattress store, is pleased to carry Restwell mattress lines. Not only is this Canadian company renowned for its fine quality items, they are a company that cares about exceeding customers’ expectations in every respect. Known for their sustainable manufacturing practices and values-driven operation, Restwell is a first-rate company renowned for its expertly designed mattresses.

If you want to improve your sleep, visit your White Rock mattress store and discover why Restwell is a leading brand in the region. Our friendly and trained associates will be happy to set you in the right direction. Let our helpful staff provide you with more information about this brand and why it might be the ideal match for you. WR Mattress gallery is proud to sell top quality brands to our customers. We are humbled knowing we play a part in ensuring a restful and comfortable sleep to our customers.

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Restwell mattress designers have their finger on the pulse and are continually improving older designs and coming up with new ideas entirely. They are always evolving, and always finding new ways to incorporate cutting edge technology and manufacturing processes.

Each Restwell mattress is made to order in a state-of-the-art facility in Surrey, BC. For orders large-scale or small, Restwell manufacturing has the capacity to fulfill each and every order, and deliver it on time. They have a dedicated trucking fleet to make sure that orders show up when they say they will.

For customers looking for super luxury to those looking for high-quality comfort on a budget, Restwell works hard to provide a range of options that they proudly stand behind. With a commitment to the environment and mattresses for every lifestyle, anyone can find a Restwell mattress they will be thrilled with.

If you have any questions, Restwell also has a full-service hospitality sales division that caters to corporate accounts across Canada.

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