Enhance your well-being with a natural mattress made by Savvy Rest, a brand synonymous with organic bedding and accessories. Not only will you sleep easy on these well-crafted natural mattresses, you’ll breathe easier knowing that your bed is composed of natural elements designed to enhance you as well as your eco-friendly home. As your leading White Rock and South Surrey mattress store, WR Mattress Gallery is thrilled to feature this celebrated brand for our customers.

Savvy Rest Mattress Design

Savvy Rest mattresses are made with layers of natural latex. No synthetic or hybrid materials are used. Mattress casings are designed with certified organic wool and cotton. Not only is each mattress designed with reliable durability, each provides the level of comfort and support you need for a perfect night’s sleep. Your Surrey and White Rock mattress store carries Savvy Rest super soft top mattresses and extra-firm mattresses, each designed with all-natural elements.

WR Mattress Gallery invites you to stop in to find out more about Savvy Rest and to see why this brand is attracting so much acclaim. Once you test out these mattresses, you’ll understand just why natural mattresses are increasingly popular among customers who want to sleep while furnishing their homes with safe and non-toxic materials.

Customized comfort—for everyone

The benefits of natural latex include supreme comfort, support and pressure relief. This natural mattress will respond reliably to your weight and shape for many years.

A Savvy Rest layered mattress is made of 3″ layers of natural latex. We’ll combine up to four layers to create the support and cushioning your body needs. You can choose very firm, very soft, or anything in between—even on different sides. We’ll guide you with targeted questions and tips throughout your organic mattress purchase.

Whether you need a super-soft top or extra-firm support—even both—your Savvy Rest natural mattress will be made just for you. No need for customization? Our wool-filled Pastoral mattress and Simple Fit line offer you more choices.

A lasting value

We believe a natural latex mattress performs consistently for decades—natural mattresses made with these materials will outlast most conventional mattresses. Savvy Rest organic mattresses are backed by strong warranties and the best customer service in the business. You’ll find our reputation for honesty, transparency and respectful communication is widespread.

We look forward to helping you choose the perfect organic mattress!