Convertible Cabinet Bed (Cabedza)!

New Gen Mattress

New Gen Mattress Technology

Natural Latex used in the NewGen Mattress provides 33% more pressure relief while simultaneously creating support, because of the buoyant nature of latex. Latex is the best pressure relieving material used in bedding today. It provides the ultimate in pressure relief so that your muscles relax and fall asleep quickly while your circulation can flow to stay asleep soundly.

With Natural Latex, you won't have to continuously search for a cooler spot on your bed! The rubber cell structure doesn't collapse. Its natural resistance lifts your body, preventing collapse, and allows air to flow through, creating an escape path for the body heat.

CELLIANT® Technology in the NewGen Mattress converts the body's vibrant energy emissions, otherwise known as heat, into Far Infrared light (FIR) and emits it into the body, where it is absored by the tissue and muscles. CELLIANT Technology incorporates 13 thermally responsive minerals, embedded into the core of the fibers. These fibers are then knit or woven into fabrics and when placed near the body, tissue oxygen levels can be increased.

Cloud Series (20-25 Years Warranty)

(10" All Talalay)
400 night comfort exchange • 3/4" Body Impression.

Available In: Twin, Double, Queen, Twin XL & King

Available In: Soft, Med, & Firm

Premium Models


Drawers pull all the way, and is accessible when the bed is set

Available In Double & Queen

Birch Plywood (solid plywood)

Certi-Pur Us Foam



  • 9 Stain and finish options
  • 6 different mattress options
  • 5 different hardware option

Country Panel Look

DOUBLE: 61.5" W X 25.25" Deep X 42.5" H opens to 77"

QUEEN: 67" W X 25.25" Deep X 42.5" H opens to 82"

Deluxe Models

Sidepanels do not open

Sliding mechanism sit on legs

Available in Twin / Double / Queen

Aztec Deluxe

Metro Deluxe

Cottage Deluxe

TWIN: 46" W X 25" Deep X 42.5" H opens to 77"

DOUBLE: 61.5" W X 25" Deep X 42.5" H opens to 77"

QUEEN: 67" W X 25" Deep X 42.5" H opens to 82"