Should Your Child Sleep on an Organic Mattress?


Are Organic Mattresses Suitable For Children?

With the popularity of organic mattresses and bedding materials steadily growing, people are beginning to consider purchasing an organic mattress for their children in addition to themselves. Initially, some may feel skeptical about making such a big purchase for a mattress that will likely only be adequate for a few years. The average organic mattress is anywhere from $500 to $1000 more expensive than a traditionally manufactured mattress, which deters a lot of people from making that kind of purchase. When we take a look at the amount of benefits that come with an organic mattress versus that of a traditional mattress however, the overall cost will begin to seem less expensive.

When it comes to your child, there are few things more important to their health and overall well-being than the quality of sleep they get on a nightly basis. Getting regular, restful sleep is a key component to a child’s growth and development, both physically and mentally. With an organic mattress, there are far less factors present that can possibly prevent your child from getting healthy sleep than with a mattress made using traditional materials and methods. A mattress that contains synthetic foams is often made with materials that contain carcinogens like formaldehyde and other dangerous compounds such as chemical flame retardants. These materials have the potential to cause major health issues with your child such as developmental disorders in the brain, ADHD, autism, lifelong obesity, and even in some cases cancer.

In addition to the health benefits and peace of mind that comes with having your child sleeping on an organic mattress each night, there are also significant comfort benefits that come with organic mattresses compared to a traditional mattress. For instance, Savvy Rest’s organic latex mattresses can be layered to best suit how your child moves on the bed while they sleep. There are a number of different configurations that will suit a child who tends to be more restless or a child who tends to be more still while they sleep. In addition to these varying configurations, Savvy Rest also offers a wide range of toppers made from various organic materials such as natural wool that are designed to increase comfort levels and decrease heat build-up during sleep.

One final point that can be made in favour of organic mattresses is the longevity of the product compared to a traditional mattress. Many Savvy Rest mattresses are able to last up to twenty years, even if your kids like jumping on the bed! This is opposed to a traditional mattress which may last at the most only five to seven years. When you consider the longevity of an organic mattress with the other benefits described above, the extra cost should start to seem well worth it compared to the cost of a traditional mattress. For residents living in the White Rock, Surrey and Langley areas, feel free to come by our showroom and compare the difference for yourself. For more information about other quality products and for our latest updates, feel free to check out our website, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.