Proof That Pure Energy Mattresses Help Sleep, Recovery, Performance & Wellness


One of the most interesting findings in recent scientific studies on performance and wellness is that rest and recovery are major factors in athletic achievements.

In other words, athletes that give their bodies time to rest, relax and recover, are able to push themselves further in the long run. While that can feel like a real challenge for high-energy athletes who constantly look for opportunities to strengthen, rest and recovery are now known to be extremely important elements.

What if there was a way to enhance the rest and recovery time? To increase the benefits of the time spent allowing the body to repair so that it didn’t so much feel like time wasted but rather time well spent? That might make it a little easier for high-intensity athletes to accept the idea of simply relaxing.

This is where Pure Energy Sleep System™ mattresses come in. These incredible mattresses have been clinically proven to provide people with increased sleep efficiency. That means that the mattresses heighten the body’s ability to recover, heal and ultimately perform better.

If you are hearing about this for the first time, you might wonder how this could possibly happen. To most people, a mattress is just a mattress. How it can be true that by sleeping on a mattress, you can have increased blood flow and circulation, and, in turn, higher healing rates and increased performance levels.

It’s prudent in today’s world to be skeptical, so allow us to explain. It was a passionate Ironman athlete who first came up with the idea for a mattress that could accelerate a body’s recovery while they slept. He teamed up with mattress manufacturers, sleep experts, and scientists in the fields of Sleep Medicine, Photobiology, Nanotechnology, and Health Care. Over the years, after much research, many prototypes, and clinical studies, the Pure Energy Sleep System™ has been refined to what it is today.

The components of a Pure Energy Sleep System™ are incredible. For example, CellActive™ Technology works with your body. It converts the heat released by your body while you sleep into infrared light by the layers in the mattress. The infrared light is directed back into your body to increase circulation, oxygen and blood flow. Pure Energy Sleep System™ mattresses are comprised of Celliant® technology, which works with every fiber of your body to stimulate healing processes which reduce pain and soreness.

Benefits from sleeping on a Pure Energy Sleep System™ mattress include falling asleep faster and sleeping more restfully throughout the night; improvement in cellular health, accelerated muscle recovery, just to name a few.

The Pure Energy Sleep System™ science advisory board studies a wide range of issues to ensure that the science behind the mattresses works. From nanotechnology to photobiology to sleep science to diabetes and wound care, the front line of defense for the mattresses is as good as it gets.

The clinical studies have warranted proven results, the mattresses help people heal and reach new levels of athletic performance.

If you in the White Rock, Surrey, or Langley areas and are interested in finding out more about this incredible technology. Or if you simply want to achieve optimal health, consider stopping by our mattress store to discuss the benefits of this groundbreaking mattress.