How to Recycle a Mattress in Vancouver

Close up of an old mattress that will be recycled in Vancouver.

Getting rid of stuff is difficult for some people. But there are many reasons to dispose of a mattress. It might have had a bed bug infestation, perhaps one has upgraded to a newer, bigger or better mattress, or perhaps the mattress simply reached the end of its life. But not every mattress needs to be destined for the landfill. In fact, most mattresses are made of recyclable materials.

Close up of an old mattress that will be recycled in Vancouver.

Mattress Recycling in Vancouver

Even though the city tries to make it easy and convenient to recycle mattresses, not everyone takes the opportunity. We are all familiar with the sight of abandoned mattresses that line the alley ways, with the problem usually peaking at the end of the month when people are getting ready to move. It is a sad sight to see, especially in Vancouver when the rain comes — discarded, soggy and sagging mattresses now rendered completely useless.

Disposing mattresses might not be the most convenient job to undertake. However, it is important that consumers act responsibly and make the effort to see that their purchases are recycled when possible. Keeping things out of the landfill as much as possible is an important step that we should all take.

In addition, ditching a mattress in an alley or on the sidewalk simply offloads the responsibility onto someone else. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, it’s illegal and could result in fines for illegal dumping if you are caught.

Recycling Your Mattress in Vancouver is Convenient and Easy

The city of Vancouver tries to make it as convenient as possible to recycle mattresses. They even offer a system to help if a mattress has/had bedbugs.

Practically all transfer stations accept mattresses for recycling, so all you have to do is transport the mattress there and then pay the nominal fee. If finding a vehicle to move your mattress and box spring seems like an impossible feat, there are many companies that offer junk removal or mattress moving services.

Some companies specialize in mattress removal and do all the work for you. They will show up at your home and haul it away to the land of recycling and you’ll never have to think about it again. If that’s out of your budget, some entrepreneurial souls on message boards offer hourly truck services for a low fee.

Vancouver city skyline at night

What If you are recycling a mattress with Bed bugs?

If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of dealing with bedbugs and that is why you want to recycle your mattress and box spring, the city of Vancouver will still take them. In order to isolate the problem and keep it from spreading, the city asks that you take the following steps:

  1. Wrap it in a plastic mattress bag or plastic sheeting (for sale at shops selling mattresses or moving supplies)
  2. Seal it
  3. Label it “contains bedbugs”

 Mattresses stacked in piles ready for recycle in Vancouver

Not All Mattresses Can Be Recycled

While the city tries to reduce the waste at landfills but not every single mattress can be recycled. If you are unsure whether your mattress and box spring qualifies to be recycled, simply call the city to ask.

What you should not ever do, however, is leave your mattress in an alley or on the sidewalk hoping that someone will pick it up. Not only is it illegal, it is irresponsible. It feels much better knowing that you’ve taken the steps asked of you to act as a responsible consumer. And you can’t deny that recycling is simply fun!

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