Studies Show That Celliant DOES HEAL


Celliant DOES HEAL

                  The results are in, and there is definitive clinical proof that shows Celliant sleep technology can actually improve and increase the natural healing process that occurs while people sleep. By harnessing the thermal energy that otherwise escapes our bodies while we sleep, and redistributing it to improve circulation and increase oxygenation of the blood and muscle tissue, Celliant fibres found in mattresses, sheets and numerous other bedding products helps people heal faster.

Three of the major clinical studies conducted over a number of years at multiple prestigious medical institutions have been listed below with details about their findings.

  • In 2003, a study conducted by Dr. Lawrence Lavery of Loyola Medical University Center in Illinois determined that leg pain can be diminished by increasing circulation and improving the oxygenation of the blood.
  • In 2008, Dr. Ian Gordon conducted a study focused on chronic foot pain and the positive impact Celliant technology had on the patients who wore socks containing it. The results showed that subjects wearing the socks with Celliant fibres experience almost three times the amount of pain reduction after waking up compared to subjects wearing placebo socks.
  • In 2009, Dr. Marcel Hung of the University of California Irvine conducted a study at the university’s Center for Sleep Medicine to determine the type of impact the use of Celliant fibres in a mattress cover would have on people suffering from chronic back pain. The study revealed that sleeping on mattress covers with Celliant fibres allowed subjects to experience a more restful and overall more healthy sleep, with less disturbances and a significant reduction in back pain when they woke up the next morning.

Each of these studies successfully demonstrated how Celliant uses Infrared Active Technology to provide subjects with a better night sleep, and more importantly a reduction in chronic muscle pain soreness. It is because of the infrared energy the Celliant is able to absorb, then redistribute throughout the body that this healing process becomes possible. Once this energy is redistributed about four centimetres deep inside the body, it begins to promote an increase in nitric oxide production in the body. Nitric oxide is what helps make more oxygen available in the bloodstream, which causes the body’s cells to function at a higher level of efficiency when it comes to healing damaged muscle tissue. This increase in oxygen being sent to the muscles allows them to metabolize more glucose into adenosine triphosphate, a biochemically produced enzyme that helps our muscles recover from strains, bruises and other painful issues.

With the positive endorsements of a number of different medical professionals whose studies were focused on separate areas of the body, there is no doubt that Celliant technology not only works, it works extremely well and can help reduce pain throughout the body, while helping with the natural healing process. For more info on Celliant technology and the available products that feature Celliant at WR Mattress, check out our website, like us on Facebook or stop by our store if you’re in the White Rock area.