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Brent & Lauren – Delta BC
July, 2016

Thanks Akif, Mark, and Raman for their knowledge and insight when we were looking to purchase a new mattress.

The service was fantastic from start to finish which you do not see a lot of these days. We ended up sending a competitors product back and purchased an Ironman, and we now are having the best and most restful sleep ever!!

Morri Cringle – South Surrey BC
July, 2016

Great sleep – happy customer!!!

Gail and Bob Walton – Surrey BC
July, 2016
To Raman–Mark.

We first bought a queen size bed , but after breaking my right shoulder we needed a King size .We are enjoying the benefits of the Ironman Recovery mattress and pillows , experiencing a wonderful sleep , as they say , just what the Doc ordered. Thanks for your interest in explaining to us in detail ,  your help and cooperation  was much appreciated.

Debbie Boudreau, White Rock BC
June, 2016

Setup guys were great . This is our second Ironman Mattress and love it.

Daniela & Lorrie – Delta BC 
June, 2016
We had dedicated spending an entire day on mattress shopping, looking for a regular mattress. WR Mattress Gallery in Surrey was actually our last stop for the day. We came in looked at and tried the regular, inexpensive mattress and slowly worked our way over to the Ironman section, 2 hours later we walked out having purchased the best sleep investment in our lives, An Ironman Recovery mattress! We really appreciated Raman and her excellent service! NOT Pushy, no attempt to upsell but very patient and knowledgeable and took the time as we needed to explain all the products and differences. Almost immediately after delivering and setup of the mattress and adjustable base, we felt a difference not only in how well we slept, but not waking up groggy, rather much more refreshed!

I have a type of ARTHRITIS that severely affects my neck and spine and inhibits range of motion. The biggest benefit for me has been being able to sleep through the night pain free, waking up with more energy due to that, and actually having more range in motion in my back and neck which put a huge smile on my face! Who doesn’t want to wake up with less pain and more energy???

WE LOVE LOVE LOVE Our Ironman Recovery mattress and feel the benefits of it on a daily basis! The ergomotion adjustable base was an added bonus. There’s nothing like taking the weight off your feet and body with the zero gravity function

There will be no more room for regular mattresses in our home In fact we are looking to purchase another ironman recovery mattress for our guests/ guest bedroom so they can experience and enjoy the same quality of sleep and recovery that we have.

A Big thank you to Raman for all her professional assistance and expertise! We’ll be baaaaackkk

Thank you!

Ray Karmazenuk – West Vancouver
June, 2016
I had been sleeping on a latex mattress for about 25 years. So the experience has been new to me. However because it’s a superior quality it improved overall sleep. I am able to fall asleep a lot sooner than previously. I am also getting a more restfull and longer sleep. Most of time I wake up with reduced body stiffness and feel more rested.

Jean Earle – White Rock BC.
June, 2016
Hi Raman @ WR Mattress Gallery
Thank you for your excellent service on the purchase of an Ironman Recovery Mattress on February 13,2016. It has been now four months of sleeping on my Recovery Mattress. My Health has improved tremendously. I have deeper core breathing and better posture. At 80 years old, I am grateful to be healthy and active. The same day delivery and setup service was bonus as well. I needed a New Bed and found it at your store. God bless all of you.

Shannon C, Long Beach, California
March, 2016
If there was ever a mattress built for me, it is the Ironman!  As I recently set up my new home, I was in search of a new bed.  A good friend of mine turned me on to the Ironman mattress.  Since I started sleeping on my new bed, my back has felt better, my dreams are more colorful, and I wake rested and ready to face my day.  I would highly recommend this bed to anyone that wants to improve their sleep quality – go see Mark