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Adwin Lui
January, 2016

“…Mark and Raman were great to deal with, they have Free Delivery, not only that they will take your old mattress away for you! The delivery guys were on time and they also gave me a courtesy call before they arrived an hour before…”

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Evander Kane – NHL Hockey Player / White Rock B.C.
October, 2015

To Mark at WR Mattress!

I Love My IRONMAN BED! Really helps with my Recovery!

NHL athlete testimonial

E.D. Blodgett, Ph.D
April, 2015
Some weeks ago, my wife and I came in and discussed the Ironman mattress with you, and not log afterwards we purchased one. Let me say that the whole experience could be called excellent, a word I rarely use. First of all, your knowledge off all the products was precise and helpful, and customer care at every stage was thoughtful and interesting. My response to the mattress has been just as you suggested it would. Before I always woke up with little pains and especially a somewhat bigger one in my lumbar region. Now there is nothing, no pain at all. I am convinced it does what the claims for it announce. My wife has not had a chance to enjoy it yet because of my illness, but she will soon.

Everything about this transaction was absolutely right.

Thank you very much!

Krystie, Physiotherapist and Clinic Owner – Physio Life, South Surrey/White Rock
February, 2015
As a physiotherapist, the importance of sleep is something I discuss with my patients on a daily basis.  I have long supported the use of latex foam technology in mattresses and pillows to help with decreasing stiffness, reducing morning pain, minimizing headaches, and improving posture during sleep.  My husband and I purchased our first Ironman Recovery Mattress from WR Mattress Gallery.  Mark and his staff were very helpful and knowledgeable about their products, and delivery service and set-up were great.  We’ve been sleeping comfortably, and I am happy to refer my patients for the same products I use.

Anonymous, Surrey BC
July, 2014

I am 64 years old, and was suffering with chronic back pain. The pain was located on both sides of my back, not my spine, but the back side muscles. I attributed the cause of the pain to a combination of normal ageing, and from the three day per week exercise routine at the local fitness centre. Not once in the six months of pain did I consider my bed to be the cause. Anyway a long story short, we bought an Ironman Mattress, not because of my back pain, but just because we were due for something new.

I always feel a bit embarrassed telling this story as it sounds like I am mattress sale person. BUT after ONE NIGHT of sleeping on the Ironman, my back pain was gone, and has never returned. Yes, one night…. Sounds like a story that’s too good to be true, but it is true!

We really like the comfort of the Ironman.

Thanks Ironman!

 Linda Cantrill – South Surrey, BC.
July, 2014

My experience at WR Mattress Gallery was the most positive one. I had been having difficulty for over 2 years, finding a pillow that was comfortable enough to not give me neck pain- yet soft enough. I didn’t feel as if I’d been sleeping on a brick. I requested a tall pillow, but one that was still soft. I had begun to believe that was unattainable. When I asked the price of the mattress the salesperson persisted me to simply lay down and try it. AHHHHHHHH….. That’s it- sold was my immediate response.

The staff at WR Mattress Gallery truly cared about my comfort and well-being and their knowledge is far beyond any big box store with their limited selection. Thank you for now continued restful slumber!

Bryan Eyjolfson
July, 2014
I would gladly recommend WR Mattress to friends and family. I purchased an Ironman Recovery Mattress, and it is by far the best mattress I’ve ever owned. Mark and his staff were very helpful to make sure my needs were met. Awesome service. Two thumbs up?

Karen Schoenberg, New Westminster BC
 I am a 45 year old woman who until 4 years ago worked 60 hours a week in the hospitality industry, when I was devastated to be diagnosed with MS. 2 years ago I was hit with a major MS attack that took away my mobility & doubled my pain. I spent the next two years in & out of the hospital. Since being home I hadn’t been able to sleep in my expensive pillow top ( mattress ). As well as having MS, I also have degenerative disc disease so the pain would be unbelievable so much as I was sleeping in my lawn chair.
A friend … an amazing friend, told me about the Iron Man mattress & the benefits of the IRONMAN RECOVERY MATTRESS. From the 1st night I slept better & longer than I have in 4 years. I wake up refreshed ( thank heavens or I’d never leave my bed ). My pain is under control & my physiotherapists have noticed my legs getting stronger everyday as well as my upper body. I have told my all my friends about it & all have come over to lay on it so they can see & feel how amazing it is. The staff are amazing also from the owner right on to the courteous delivery men. This is an amazing product for healing and an amazing company to do business with.

Craig Alexander – Ironman world champion
 I’m always looking at ways to maximize my recovery. Recovery is often overlooked as an integral part of a training regime. Increased recovery leads to better performance in training and racing. From the reading that I’ve done and what I’ve heard and the thing that most  impressed me is the Ironman Sleep Technology (Celliant and patented Cellitex) that they incorporated into their Recovery Mattress. All these things combined lead to the T3 Recovery mattress to be the cutting edge in recovery mattresses. Anything that promotes deeper sleep and better sleep, will obviously promote better recovery and lead to enhanced training and performance.