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Dennis – South Surrey B.C.
1. How would you rate your sleep out of 10? Answer :8.
2. Has your sleep improved ever since you have been sleeping on the Ironman Recovery Mattress?  It has improved. I no longer wake up sore.
3. Has the Ironman Recovery Mattress helped with your pain?  YES! MY BACK PAINS HAVE RECEDED.
4. How has the Ironman Recovery Mattress helped you out overall? Overall I sleep better, with less to no soreness, in the mornings.

Shayda J – White Rock B.C.
I purchased a mattress from WR Mattress just before Christmas and I am more than happy with it. I was having troubles sleeping on my old mattress and my back was constantly bugging me, along with my boyfriend. Who complains more than me BUT …Not any more! Both of us sleep like babies each night:) Thank you Raman and Mark for the excellent Mattress and fabulous customer service.

Anonymous – White Rock BC
The Ironman Recovery Mattress
I am no longer waking up with muscle pain in my upper back and shoulders. I find the bed very comfortable and i am not aware of when my husband gets in or out of the bed. I am very pleased with my bed purchase. Thank you!

Dinah W. – South Surrey B.C.
Thrilled with the new bed. Very Comfortable. Also the service provided was excellent and a timely delivery service. Many thanks! We will certainly be back.

Dan Blair – Surrey B.C.
Just over ayear ago when we moved to Vancouver we purchased our bed from WR. They were helpful and seemed to have good product knowledge and a decent selection of beds to choose from. Overall, a positive experience. Then almost a month ago we developed some difficulties with the stability in the mattress so we got back in touch with them. They demonstrated a desire to see their customer comfortable which is so rare nowadays and prompts the writing of this review. Their owner made sure we got a speedy and painless replacement mattress and was helpful in making sure it fit our needs. We will definitely refer our friends and family to them and one day when we can afford one of the Iron Man Mattresses that we saw at their store we will absolutely be returning there for an upgrade to one. Kudos and appreciation to you WR Mattress Gallery.

Larissa Thomas – Burnaby BC
Making a choice to invest in the me changed my life in December 2013 by purchasing an Ironman My Recovery Mattress from WR Mattress Gallery.All facets of my life began to improve, so much that I wished my living room furniture was made this way.Feb 14/14 I attended a Wellness Conference. A first for me in a long time because of my health challenges. One being Irlend Syndrome, for me, it means extreme light sensitivity to all light. This affects my brain communication with my body. Using the Ironman Recovery Mattress for a month and a half had me being able to enjoy life more and more. Needless to say my wishes have been granted. A new type of living room furniture would be in my home soon. I purchased the Adjustable with Ironman Recovery Mattress so I would be able to do my work in comfort and ease in my living room and have my regular Ironman Recovery Mattress in the bedroom. These investments have enriched my life! Recently, I moved and was without my beds for several weeks. Wow, what this showed me was how my health had improved. When I was back to using both my beds I felt happier and I continue to improve. For me, they both are a must in my life. Mark Nagra has a way of connecting with people. His knowledge of health and mattress gives him the ability to give one an insight of what Ironman MY RECOVERY MATTRESS can do for their life.Thank you, Mark, for showing me with your patience, kindness and knowledge what an Ironman Recovery Mattress can do. I am forever grateful.

Huafen Yang
Hi all dear WRmattress guys!
I am so happy to tell you that my family like what I bought from your store so much. i bought a latex mattress and pair of latex pillows. we feel so good with the mattress. it is not too soft, but as hard as we expected. As to the pillow, I like the height and softness very much,which makes me sleep well.
I plan to replace my other pillows with the latex pillows. so i am thinking of going back to your store recently.
Not only the commodities you sell are excellent, but you guys and your services. Definitely I would recommend you to my friends.
Thx! Wishing you all a happy new year!
Warm regards!

Tony Bubb
“We purchased a king size bed from WR Mattress. The whole process was a great experience. We were treated with respect in the showroom. The staff assisted us in selecting a fabulous bed and accessories. Delivery and installation were on time and we have been most happy with the new bed. We definitely would recommend WR Mattress to people looking for new beds.”
Thank you for your excellent service.

Captain Lauzon – Burnaby, BC
As an airline pilot I travel for a living and spend up to 240 days a year in hotel rooms, sleeping in some of the most uncomfortable beds in the world. My aches and pains have increased over the years and sleeping in old uncomfortable hotel beds has only made them worse. After my first week of sound sleep on our new Ironman Recovery bed, my body feels 10 years younger. I am delighted with the bed and would recommend it to anyone who is in need of a solid healthy nights sleep.

The Dunns.
We recently purchased three adjustable Ironman beds & mattresses from WR Mattress Gallery. We were immediately impressed with the knowledge of the sales staff and we never felt pressured to make the purchase. The quality and comfort of the Ironman mattress is outstanding. Being able to put the beds into Zero Gravity for added comfort and increased health benefits is a bonus. Our family highly recommends WR Mattress Gallery and the Ironman Mattress line if you are looking for a great bed and exceptional service.

Carolynn + John Crawford, Langley, BC
John and I have made several  purchases at WR Mattress Gallery in the Surrey store since December 2014. Every one has been a positive and memorable experience thanks to Mark Nagra, the owner; Raman and Akif. We have noticed that they conduct their business with integrity and genuine interest in what is ‘best for the people’ they are serving.They have a binder of letters from happy customers, who were so pleased that they wrote recommendations. I can see why. My husband and I both LOVE the staff at WR and know they love us!
We really like the Ironman mattresses we ordered! They are locally made and were ready for delivery in less than a week. The delivery guys are great.
We also ordered three new mattresses for our grandchildren and they ‘love their mattresses’ also.As customers we have been very impressed. We love them and know they love us! We do not hesitate to recommend them to you because we are confident that you will be impressed by their thoughtful, professional yet personal customer service and their commitment to an excellent work ethic!My husband and I were searching for ‘natural latex products’ after a bad experience with ‘off gassing from memory foam’.  We researched extensively at other mattress stores in the Lower Mainland but were not satisfied with the products they offered for the price in the natural latex line of mattresses. Then we found WR Mattress Gallery.
WR has a wide selection of natural latex products, especially the Ironman Recovery Mattresses which are locally made! We learned about the added health benefits of Celliant and Cellitex that these mattresses are made with, as well as the scientific research which supports it. It is unlikely that we would have found out about this ‘Innovative Sleep Technology’ if it hadn’t been for our meaningful conversations with Mark, the first time we went to his store. He listened and took a personal interest in our overall health by making other dietary and lifestyle suggestions, that he would not profit from.
Listening to Mark restored my hope that some of my pain may be actually be relieved or prevented over time, by sleeping on a mattress, wearing clothing (or other products) with Celliant woven in the fibers. He showed us scientific research articles and a video that opened a world of possibilities. He even gave us a sample of the product that we could try for my vascular migraine headaches and my husbands reoccurring meningioma. We felt like Mark was going above and beyond anything we had ever experienced with ‘no strings attached.’In fact, I sleep fewer hours than I used to and wake up more rested and energized.
Thanks to Mark and Raman I have found significant improvements in my pain levels. I often used to wake up with migraine headaches prior to the changes we made and I believe their overall helpfulness has been a major reason I feel so much better and have significantly less pain!
We both LOVE the staff at WR and do not hesitate to recommend them because we are confident that you will be impressed by their thoughtful, professional yet personal help.

Athlete Testimonials:

Craig Alexander – Ironman world champion
Having slept on this mattress now, I can certainly attest to the benefits, the deeper sleep, I’ve had better recovery. I’ve certainly woken up feeling refreshed everyday. I feel my training and performance has benefited from that.
Craig Alexander – Ironman world champion
I’m always looking at ways to maximize my recovery. Recovery is often overlooked as an integral part of a training regime. Increased recovery leads to better performance in training and racing. From the reading that I’ve done and what I’ve heard and the thing that most  impressed me is the Ironman Sleep Technology (Celliant and patented Cellitex) that they incorporated into their Recovery Mattress. All these things combined lead to the T3 Recovery mattress to be the cutting edge in recovery mattresses. Anything that promotes deeper sleep and better sleep, will obviously promote better recovery and lead to enhanced training and performance.


Evander Kane – NHL Hockey Player / White Rock B.C.

To Mark at WR Mattress!

I Love My IRONMAN BED! Really helps with my Recovery!

Athlete recommends Pure Energy Ironman Mattress