What Are Celliant Fibers?


What Are Celliant Fibers You Ask? Let Us Fill You In!

Celliant fibers are really a two part definition. First off, celliant technology is the leader when it comes to responsive textiles. Thirteen optically responsive minerals are embedded into the fiber cores.

The fibers themselves, are either woven or knitted throughout fabrics such as bedding, apparel, even in pet products.

The main purpose of celliant fibers is to convert our natural body heat into FIR (Far Infrared light) waves. What this does is increase our oxygen levels, as a result of the FIR waves being absorbed by our muscles – as well as our tissues.

There are many, quality name brands utilizing this patented technology. Some of these names include: New Balance, Soar Pet Products, Jockey, Down Linens, Ironman and Kingsdown, to name a few.

For more than a decade, many clinical tests and studies have been conducted in Canada, China, and the U.S.

Some of this research is listed below

  • A Single Center Comparative Study to Evaluate the Performance of Celliant Fibers, Dr. Ian Gordon and the WIRB (2013) (Pending Publication).
  • Effect of Celliant on Pain and Strength in subjects with Chronic Wrist and Elbow Pain, Dr. Ian Gordon (2012) (Pending Publication).
  • Effect of Shirt with 42% Celliant Fiber on TCPO2 Levels and Grip Strength in Healthy Subjects, Dr Ian Gordon (2011).
  • Influence of Celliant on Athlete Performance and Recovery, Dr. Darren Stefanyshyn and Dr. Jay Worobets (2011) (Published).
  • Celliant Blood Flow Study, Dr. Lawrence Lavery (2003).

Results have also proven: sleep quality improvements, balance of body temperatures, quicker recovery & healing, and many other fantastic benefits.

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