What’s Inside an Pure Energy Mattress?

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Materials Inside An Pure Energy Mattress

At WR Mattress, it is our job to help people find the right mattress so that they can achieve their optimal sleep health. We believe that a good sleep is a cornerstone to a happy and healthy life. That is why we are thrilled to be able to offer our customers the incredible, unique technology of Pure Energy Mattresses.

Many people have heard of the Pure Energy Mattress, but not everyone is familiar with what goes on behind the scenes, or should we say, under the covers. Pure Energy Mattresses, made from unique celliant fibers, have been proven to help accelerate the body’s ability to heal itself while you sleep. You might be thinking that it sounds too good to be true? It’s not. We can explain.

Where Do Celliant Fibers Come From?

Let’s start at the beginning. First, titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide and aluminum dioxide are mined in their raw forms and ground into a fine powder. The powder is then processed into a solid pellet called celliant masterbatch, from which celliant staple fiber is then extruded.

That fiber is now in a form that can be eventually woven into the fabric used to make Pure Energy Mattresses. It is that fiber that holds the key to the healing powers of the Pure Energy Mattress.

How Does Celliant Technology Work?

We understand that many people might question how a mattress can help heal the body, and that is why multiple studies have been done to get to the bottom of whether or not the claims are true.

Before we get to that, we’ll explain how the technology works. Once the celliant fiber has been woven into the polyester fabrics from which the mattresses are made, they need human bodies to activate them. In other words, when celliant technology is exposed to a body’s heat, which is what happens when one sleeps, the fibers absorb it. Next, that energy is converted into Far Infrared Light (FIR), which is then emits back into the body. FIR waves penetrate the skin and start to produce effects like increased blood flow and oxygenation into the tissue. It is this process that helps a body to accelerate its healing process.

There are many health benefits to sleeping on Pure Energy Mattresses. And this claim has been proven by rigorous testing from prominent researchers. Studies at the University of Houston, Texas, have shown that Pure Energy Mattresses enhance tissue oxygen levels in the body up to 24 percent. Researchers the University of Calgary have proven that Pure Energy Mattresses stimulate quicker recovery and healing and heighten strength and athletic performance. Independent tests at the University of California have shown that Pure Energy Mattresses balance body temperature, improve sleep quality, and reduce pain.

The effects of Pure Energy Mattresses have been researched since 2003 and nine separate clinical studies have verified the claims that Pure Energy Mattresses are beneficial in health and wellbeing. They include:

• A Single Center Comparative Study to Evaluate the Performance of Celliant Fibers, Dr. Ian Gordon and the WIRB (2013) (Pending Publications)
• Impact of Celliant Socks on Subjects feet with the Application of Celliant, Dr. Li Shaojing (2012)
• Effect of Celliant on Pain and Strength in subjects with Chronic Wrist and Elbow Pain, Dr. Ian
Gordon (2012)
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• Influence of Celliant on Athlete Performance and Recovery, Dr. Darren Stefanyshyn and Dr. Jay Worobets (2011)
• Pilot Sleep Study, Dr. Marcel Hungs (2009-2010)
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Dr. Ian Gordon (2008)
• Celliant Study of Thirteen (13) Healthy Subjects, Dr. Graham McClue (2005)
• Celliant Blood Flow Study, Dr. Lawrence Lavery (2003)

Still unsure? If you are curious at all about this amazing technology and want more answers, come visit your White Rock and Surrey mattress specialists at WR Mattress. Our knowledgeable staff will be able to answer any questions you might have.

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