NewGen Mattress


Millions of people suffer due to poor sleep patterns. We’ve heard countless stories. They’ve tried everything under the stars to get a good night’s sleep, yet pass night after night in total frustration. It’s scary because a series of restless nights can have far-reaching negative consequences on health and well-being.

But there’s hope! Switching mattresses might be the solution a person’s been looking for. A mattress made of the right material is truly an investment in health and wellness. There have been incredible advancements in mattress technology, and a new era is making waves in the mattress industry.

We’re talking about NewGen Mattresses! This exciting new line of products comes in two options: the Terra Series (15-20 yr warranty) and the Cloud Series (20-25 year warranty).

Both products come in all standard mattress sizes and are available in Firm, Medium, Plush & Custom, and both have organic cotton Celliant cover to promote recovery, restful sleep, pain reduction and temperature regulation.

The Terra Series has a 6″ pressure relieving natural Talalay Latex comfort layer (Oeko-Tex Certification), and a 4″ supportive zoned 2.5lb density Certipur-US Certified foam core with 3/4″ body impression allowance.

The Cloud Series has a 4″ pressure relieving natural Talalay Latex comfort layer (Oeko-Tex Certification) and 6″ supportive zoned Talalay core with 3/4″ body impression allowance.

Some terms above might be new to you, so let’s dive a little deeper.

Celliant Technology is one of the most exciting advancements in Recovery Textiles. Researchers have found a way to make textiles boost systems in the body by taking natural minerals like Titanium Dioxide, Silicone Dioxide and Aluminum Oxide and converting them into fibres. Using the energy emitted from the human body, Celliant technology has been proven in multiple clinical studies to promote the natural healing process within the body.

Talalay Latex is one of the best materials for making mattresses. It offers cool comfort and is naturally hypo-allergenic. It’s also made from renewable, biodegradable material, and it is both supportive and flexible so that your joints and muscles are protected while they rest.

We’ve had people of all ages, body shapes, and fitness levels come back to us after purchasing a NewGen Mattress to rave about their experiences. Here’s what we heard from a recent customer:

“I recently upgraded my mattress to the new NewGen product. This full latex mattress is just amazing… A friend asked me why I invested in a top-of-the-line bed. As a 70 year old athlete who strive for optimum performance I need a very restful sleep. I am a fitness instructor and a coach I myself, spend numerous hours training each week either at the gym or running in trails. I believe that the quality and consistency of my training is primordial and that many athletes forget the importance of their recovery which means rests days and regular quality sleeps..As I spend 1/3 of my life in bed I firmly believe that investing in the best bed is a wise decision.”

If you are suffering from lack of sleep and rest, come by our showroom to see what options there are for you. Our amazing staff will put you on the path to proper sleep. And with these new, innovative products on the market, it’s truly an exciting time to be asleep!