The Very Best in Adjustable Beds


Throughout the Surrey, Langley and White Rock areas, WR Mattress is well known for our friendly customer service as well as our fantastic selection of top of the line mattresses and bedding products. Whether you are in the market for a brand new mattress or just want to upgrade your existing mattress with some new comfort layers or toppers, we will definitely have what you are looking for. With WR Mattress, you can always count on finding the latest and greatest in sleep comfort technology at a competitive price. We stock only the best brands in terms of comfort and durability, including specialty mattresses like the latest in adjustable bed technology from Ergomotion

Why Choose an Adjustable Bed?

Most people probably wouldn’t normally consider buying an adjustable bed for themselves or their loved ones, mainly due to the fact that they only see adjustable beds as expensive and impractical outside of a hospital or nursing home. In many ways, this point of view is somewhat correct, since adjustable beds are in fact a practical option for the sick, elderly as well as people with disabilities. However, most people are surprised to learn that adjustable beds can be very practical in terms of everyday life as well. By simply pressing a button, an adjustable bed can be made to suit whatever space it is in. You can quickly and easily turn your bed into a comfy couch where you can watch a movie or TV with your loved ones, or you can turn your bed into a relaxing work space when you need to get some work done at home.

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In addition to how easily the adjustable bed can fit into your lifestyle, you will also find that the adjustable bed by Ergomotion can provide you with the best night sleep you’ve had in years. The patented Zero G setting on the mattress allows your body to lay comfortably on your bed without feeling any of the strain or pressure points that are common to most regular mattresses. By simply pressing a button, you can create the ideal sleeping position for yourself, without disturbing anyone who is sleeping beside you. After a few short weeks, you will find that you are waking up feeling well rested and you will notice a drastic reduction in the amount of aches or pain you once felt in your neck or back muscles after sleeping on a traditional flat mattress. With this kind of comfort and support, it’s a wonder why everyone doesn’t have an adjustable mattress!

Having your bed positioned in different levels takes the stress off of your lumbar area, and pressure off of your shoulder and hips by sleeping on your back. This is said to be the Ergonomically correct position for your body’s least pressure points and lumbar support. By sleeping on your back, you will find that your shoulders and hips won’t be as sore because there is no pressure on them when you are on your back as the weight is evenly distributed over the entire back of your body instead of the two contact pressure point areas (hips and shoulders). By sleeping on your side, you will find yourself tossing and turning more frequently, disrupting your sleep patterns and not allowing you to hit your R.E.M. stage as often as you should. We need to hit that 4th stage of deep sleep to fully recover and recharge. The Zero gravity with a touch of a button allows our body to go into the fetal position on our backs instead of our sides (the MAIN reason approximately 90 percent of us sleep on our sides, which is the main reason we toss and turn after blood circulation gets cut off after approximately 30 minutes on average).

To learn more about adjustable beds from Ergomotion you can check out our website to find the right bed for you. If you are in the area, you may want to stop by the store and give the adjustable bed a try for yourself in our showroom. Also, be sure to check us out on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on all of our upcoming promotions and new inventory.