Can Adjustable Beds Help With Arthritis?


A good night’s sleep is essential in achieving health. Even though we all know this to be true, many people suffer due to lack of quality rest.

This problem is compounded if a person lives with an illness, especially one that can at times interrupt a restful sleep. One common problem that we hear often is people suffering from arthritis. Not only is this a painful disease that millions of people live with during the day, because of the discomfort, it affects a person’s quality of sleep, too.

We often associate arthritis with seniors but the truth is that many young people, even babies, suffer from it. And while medication and lifestyle choices can help keep symptoms at bay, many people are at a loss for how to get a full night’s sleep when their arthritis flares up.

We aren’t doctors, but we are sleep experts and want you to have the best rest possible. Therefore, we recommend adjustable beds for people who suffer aches and pains — from stiff joints to arthritis.

Adjustable beds can offer several benefits for people searching for the elusive good night’s rest.

1. Weight distribution

Proper weight distribution will mean that certain parts of the body such as joints are not under more stress or pressure than other parts of the body. This becomes even more important when arthritis comes into play. Adjustable beds allow a person to move parts of the bed up or down, raising the legs, providing extra support for the back or alleviating stress on the shoulders or neck, for example.

You can also choose the mattress’ firmness and material to provide even more customized comfort and support. For arthritis, you may want to consider memory foam or latex mattresses so that the weight of your body is evenly distributed.

2. Sleep position

Often times we will take great care to make sure we fall asleep in a comfortable and supported position. A pillow between the knees, a body pillow tucked between our backs and the wall, or whatever assists in falling asleep. The problem is that those sleep aids get knocked out of place or tumble to the ground as we toss and turn once we fall asleep.

This is why adjustable beds are an excellent option for people who need a certain bed configuration to get a good night’s sleep. Once you adjust the bed to the way you like it, you can relax knowing that it will stay that way throughout the night. It’s one thing to fall asleep, but to stay asleep is where people often have a difficult time. By taking bulky and movable elements out of the picture, it will be easier to sleep undisturbed.

3. Blood flow

Sleep is a time for bodies to recover from the day, a chance for systems to function without interruption and an opportunity for rest to set in so that we can heal. One of the most important ways this can happen, especially for people with arthritis, is for proper circulation. Good circulation in the body means that the blood will carry more oxygen to the body’s limbs. This, in turn, will decrease inflammation, relax muscles, and help eliminate things like lactic acid which can add more pain to already sore joints.

Adjustable beds allow for a person to customize their position that is best for their body. And that might change throughout the night. If that’s the case, all it takes is a push of a button to readjust the bed to increase comfort.

A proper rest is important for everyone and will improve a person’s quality of life. If you or someone you know is suffering from arthritis, a good sleep every night is even more important. An adjustable bed not only helps the body rest throughout the night, it decreases stress by providing an uninterrupted sleep and it can help your body function optimally.

If you have questions and are in the White Rock, Surrey or Langley area, stop by our showroom and together, we can help you achieve the sleep you deserve.