The Increasing Popularity of Celliant Technology

celliant technology

The Increasing Popularity of Celliant Technology

The secret is finally out about the major benefits associated with incorporating Celliant fibers into bed materials. Since its development back in the 1990s, Celliant technology has been integrated into all kinds of sleep related products, from mattresses, to bed sheets, to pillow covers, bedding manufacturers have certainly bought in to the benefits of carrying Celliant products in their catalogues. In the case of WR Mattress, we have been proudly bringing products that feature Celliant technology, such as the Ironman Recovery Mattress, to our customers in the White Rock and Surrey areas, and have been happy to receive positive feedback about these products.

Celliant fibres are composed of thirteen optically responsive minerals that modify visible and infrared light.

This light is converted into energy that is evenly distributed throughout the body during sleep. This converted energy has been proven in multiple clinical studies to help increase the flow of blood and oxygen throughout a person’s body as they sleep which helps speed up the healing process and offers relief from other ailments such as muscle pain, joint stiffness, arthritis and even the swelling caused by diabetes. The fibres also help to keep the mattress or whatever material they have been woven into an ideal sleeping temperature, which also contributes to a good night sleep and an increase in energy during the daytime.
As more clinical studies emerged discussing the many benefits of Celliant bed products, many consumers began to discover how Celliant technology is a great alternative to other expensive bedding products and pharmaceutical remedies. Products containing Celliant fibres have only just become widely available as of 2009, though there are already a large number of different bedding products available that are made with Celliant fibres. These products include the Ironman Recovery Mattress which has a Celliant latex core and the T3 Recovery Mattress that comes with a Celliant cover.

Other Celliant mattresses include Serta’s Pro-Energy mattress and Fabritech’s PureCare mattress, both of which feature Celliant fibers on the mattress surface. These companies also manufacture bedding products such as pillow protectors with Celliant fibers woven directly into the fabric.

This remarkable technology has already proven to be a great choice

Especially for people who are suffering from a specific ailment, or simply haven’t been getting a good night’s sleep on a regular basis. If you are considering a new mattress, be sure to check out how Celliant technology can benefit you specifically.

One of our mattress experts at WR Mattress would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have in store, or you can visit our website to read more about the products we offer with Celliant technology. Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook or Twitter to receive current updates on new products and promotions.