Latex Beds: A Natural Solution for Bedding


Many people are interested in latex mattresses because of their natural composition. Latex is derived from the rubber tree. Revered for its elasticity and durability, natural latex is an ideal mattress filler that also features reliable resilience and, of course, its organic makeup. If you are in the market for a new mattress, consider an eco-friendly latex bed to enjoy its full range of benefits.

Latex Mattresses: Know What You’re Buying
When shopping for latex mattresses, it’s important to remember that synthetic latex mattresses and mattresses that employ a combination of natural synthetic latex are widely available. As latex beds become increasing popular, consumers will find many hybrid options. However, it’s best to choose natural latex since it is completely natural, and its properties are better suited for mattress production. Moreover, many people are choosing natural latex because it’s a more eco-friendly option than other mattress materials. For consumers who want to ensure a chemical-free night’s sleep, it’s important to choose a mattress that uses only natural latex.

Savvy Rest Mattresses
WR Mattress Gallery serves White Rock and Surrey with its supply of Savvy Rest Mattresses. These mattresses are designed with natural latex–not synthetic latex or hybrid types of latex. The casings of the mattresses are made with certified organic wool and cotton. If you want to sleep on an all-natural mattress free of chemicals and toxins, this mattress is your ideal option. From super soft mattresses to extra firm models, you’ll be able to find a custom fit to enhance your comfort. Savvy Rest Mattresses are popular in White Rock and Surrey just as latex beds are increasingly popular throughout the nation.

Natural Latex Comfort
Although sleeping on an environmentally friendly mattress provides peace of mind, natural latex filler in a mattress endows it with extraordinary comfort. The latex is naturally able to bounce back into place after it is depressed. Its resilience makes it an excellent material for using in mattresses. Many people who suffer from chronic pain have also reported that their sleep has greatly improved after switching to a natural latex mattress. Although there are many types of mattresses on the market today, latex mattresses certainly hold their own in terms of comfort.

Latex Durability
Natural latex mattresses like Savvy Rest mattresses are renowned for their durability. Although their lifespan may range between 12 and 20 years, some may last considerably longer. In contrast hybrid latex mattresses are only designed to last between six and ten years. If you want to invest in a mattress that is made to last, a natural latex mattress like Savvy Rest is your safest option.

When shopping for a new mattress, be sure to visit WR Mattress Gallery and test out a Savvy Rest mattress for yourself. You’ll discover that its eco-friendly composition is complemented by its extraordinary comfort. If you are purchasing a new mattress for yourself or someone in your family, you’ll definitely feel good about buying this chemical-free bed that will not compromise the health of your home.