The Journey of Talalay Latex: Seed to Mattress

Have you ever seen one of those TV shows or videos online that show how something is made from start to finish? They show the step by step creation process of every day things like food products to pencils to gadgets and electronics, and it’s fascinating! Basically everything we use in our lives has a remarkable journey from conception to finished product.

Mattresses are no different, especially ones made of Talalay Latex. Starting from rubber tree farms in Sri Lanka to mattress stores to cozy bedrooms, the journey of Talalay Latex is a long and winding road.

Where does Talalay latex come from?

Like any invention or new product, Talalay Latex started with an idea. This idea was first conceptualized by three brothers, Leon, Joseph and Anselm Talalay, who honed in the production process and commercially manufactured Talalay rubber. They followed their vision and eventually built Talalay production plants in England, Canada and the United States.

To make the latex rubber, the naturally occurring liquid rubber is carefully harvested from the rubber tree. Each rubber tree starts producing about 10 years after it is planted, and produces rubber for around 24 years.

Once collected, the rubber is then whipped into a foam and then poured in a mold before it is vacuumed to remove any remaining oxygen and air bubbles and to evenly distribute the rubber. Carbon dioxide is introduced and the rubber is cured with heat.

After the heat, the rubber is flash frozen so that the consistency of the product stabilizes. Finally, the mattresses are washed, dried and rigorously tested for quality control. After that, Talalay Latex mattresses are distributed throughout the world, helping people achieve high quality sleep, night after night.

Why all the fuss? Why go through such a process to make a mattress like this? People who champion Talalay mattresses have a long list of reasons why they love this product.

Today, a Talalay Latex mattress comes in one of three options: Natural, All Natural, or Blended. It is also made with a breathable design and cell structure that provides a temperature neutral environment. Talalay Latex rubber is also naturally antibacterial and anti fungal.

Another reason why we recommend Talalay is because of the health benefits from sleeping on a hypoallergenic material like latex. Most mattresses are made of synthetic materials that have been doused in flame retardant chemicals. And the non-breathable material can increase your core temperature overnight so that you wake up hot and sweaty and then have a hard time falling back to sleep.

Finally, the reason why Talalay Latex makes an incredible mattress is because it provides a perfect balance between support and flexibility. While you sleep, the mattress forms to your body, providing comfort for hips, knees, shoulders. At the same time the mattress is dense enough to support your body, no matter its shape or size.

If you’re wondering what this mattress, which started as a humble seed planted in the soil, can do for you, maybe it’s time to give it a try.