Best Mattress for Back Pain


In today’s world, it seems like back pain is just a part of life. Many people suffer from it and many people simply learn to tolerate it. But we don’t think it has to be that way.

If you are one of millions of people suffering from back pain, there are many things you can do to try and help alleviate the discomfort. You can try to adjust your work space so that things like your computer and your desk are ergonomically aligned for you; you can incorporate stretching and strengthening into your daily routine; you can see if a doctor has any recommendations like chiropractic, massage or acupuncture.

Many people awake from their slumber each night feeling the opposite of the way they should after a night’s rest. They are achy, sore, tired and grouchy. And for many people, an aching body and a sore back from a bad sleep is just a part of life. But it shouldn’t be that way and it doesn’t have to be. In many cases, all it takes is adjusting the mattress you sleep on in order to change how your body feels, and it truly can change your life.

You might feel like back pain is so common that it is almost expected, and that you might as well just live with it. But once you’ve made changes in your life and become back pain free, you’ll see small changes like switching your mattress are well worth the effort.

You might ask then, “what is the best mattress for back pain?

There are many mattresses on the market, but one stands above the rest when it comes to reducing back pain, the Ironman Mattress.

The Ironman Mattress is made with a new technology called Celliant fibres, which have been subject to research by numerous medical professionals and researchers at top universities. What they have discovered is that Celliant fibres have been proven to increase blood flow in the body, which helps reduce pain while providing several other health benefits.

It almost sounds too good to be true, and if there wasn’t the proof to back it up, it might be. It works like this: Ironman Mattresses  are made of Celliant Fiber and Cellitex Recovery Latex which absorbs the electromagnetic energy that our bodies produce and redistribute it back to us while we sleep. This energy acts as a boost for our body and results in an increased flow of oxygen in our blood. Higher oxygen content in the blood stream is proven to have multiple benefits like reduced back pain, and can even help with afflictions like diabetes. The increased blood flow to a person’s hands and feet provided by the mattress has been proven to help wounds heal faster and for skin to be less irritated.

Studies conducted at the University of California, Irvine discovered that mattresses made with Celliant fibers were strongly associated with the reduction of pain, are beneficial to athletes recovering from sore muscles, and can help the average person achieve a better sleep, too. The doctors conducting the study concluded that “Celliant offers the medical community a new tool to improve overnight sleep quality as well as pain levels.”


If you have any questions about how the Ironman Mattress can help reduce your back pain and help you start living pain free, come by our stores in Surrey and White Rock where our knowledgeable staff will be on hand to provide you with pressure-free information. We look forward to helping you achieve the kind of sleep you’ve always dreamt of.

Another thing you can do is take a good look at the kind of mattress you are sleeping on. Don’t forget that you spend one third of your life on your mattress, so if it’s not giving you the proper support you need, there’s a good chance it is doing more damage than good to your body, your sleep, and your overall health.

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People often wonder which kind of mattress is best for back pain and depending on who you ask, some might tell you that a firm mattress is the way to go, while others say a soft mattress is best for you.

To get to the answer, let’s think about the shape and make-up of our backs. While muscles can get sore and achy, what we’re usually actually talking about when we discuss the back is the spine, the line of vertebrae that connects our bodies from our skull to our pelvis. Our spine is incredibly important, not only does it provide structure to allow us to stand, sit and move, it also protects our spinal cord and nerves as they branch out to the rest of our body. You’ve also probably noticed that our spines are not exactly straight, they are naturally shaped into a curve, and when we sleep our curved spine presses into our mattresses for long periods of time.

Often times what we perceive as back pain when we wake up in the morning is due to discomfort in our spine and not having proper support during our eight hours of shut eye each night. And while the debate over soft or hard mattresses rages on, we land somewhere in the middle. A medium-firm mattress is best as it will provide you with both give and support to this crucially important part of your body.

When it comes to mattresses for back pain, however, we’ve found one kind that’s miles above the rest, and that’s the Ironman Mattress. Ironman Mattresses are made from naturally occurring latex which provides you with the support your body needs to sleep well. They also utilize Celliant technology, which can increase the amount of oxygen in the body. Studies have shown that this technology enhances the body’s ability to heal itself, and allows for a deep, restful sleep night after night.

WR Mattress Gallery, your White Rock and South Surrey mattress store, is pleased to carry Ironman products that utilizie innovative, state-of-the-art technology designed to provide you with a level of healthy support while you sleep.

Nobody should have to simply live with back pain. If you are interested in taking the steps to invest in a technology that is shown to help you heal while helping you sleep, stop by one of our showrooms in South Surrey or White Rock to discuss the Ironman Mattress with one of our knowledgeable staff. Or check out the testimonials that show real life people whose lives have changed after purchasing an Ironman Mattress.

Feel free to come by our Mattress Store in South Surrey/White Rock today, we’d be glad to help you on the path of a back pain-free life.

From our own customers who we’ve helped in Surrey and White Rock, we’ve had much positive feedback.

“My quality of sleep is much improved since we’re sleeping in our new IRONMAN bed. Since I’ve developed fibromyalgia, I’ve had a lot of pain in the morning due to the pressure of springs on my hips and shoulders. This problem has totally disappeared with our new bed. I love it and I sleep more soundly & go back to sleep a lot faster if I do awaken at night. I am so grateful we have gotten to experience this bed. I can look forward to many years of great sleep quality.”
— Carmen, April 2016

“I am very pleased with my purchased of the Ironman Mattress. No more tossing and turning so sleeping better. Has also helped alleviate soreness in hips. Extremely comfortable.”
— Denise, June 2016