The Health Benefits of Sleep

sleeping has its health benefits

Did you know these Health Benefits of Sleep?


Most people understand that an inadequate amount of sleep easily makes us cranky and less able to function as well as we usually do, but skimping on sleep on a regular basis actually poses some health risks. The following information conveys why sleep is so important to your overall health and well-being.



Research has determined that people who get an appropriate amount of sleep on a regular basis tend to live longer than those who don’t. Studies determined that too much sleep was as risky as too little sleep. If you are regularly averaging five hours of sleep or less, you should reassess your sleep schedule to make some healthful changes.


Ward away Inflammation

New studies about the link between inflammation and sleep have been exciting, particularly for people suffering from arthritis. The study showed that people who get less than six hours of sleep at night test with higher inflammation-causing proteins. Inflammation is also associated with heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Be sure you’re enhancing your sleep in order to curb the development of inflammation.


Improve Athleticism

If your fitness routine includes athletics, you can definitely enhance your game by improving your sleep routine. Studies have shown that people who play sports like tennis, golf, and even football improved their game. Study participants also reported less fatigue during the day.


Weight Control

According to health experts, people who do not get adequate sleep tend to be hungrier. You could be eating more than you should if you are skimping on sleep. Researchers say that lack of sleep causes certain hormone levels to drop. One of these hormones is associated with our feeling of fullness. Without an optimum level of that hormone, you could be more than your body needs for optimum weight management.


Improved Cognitive Function

When you really want to ace a test or perform well at your work presentation, the key is to get that great night’s sleep. Not only does sleep enhance memory, but it also improves are ability to think logically and critically. Studies show that people who fail to get enough sleep are more prone to making errors than those people who get the sleep they need. For your brain to thrive all day long, be sure to get the sleep it requires at night.


Stable Moods

When you get the sleep your body needs, you can expect better mood and emotional regulation. We frequently notice that our mood goes south when we don’t have the rest we need, but it seems that our minds have trouble reining in other moods too. Without enough sleep, you might feel like you’re riding an emotional roller coaster.

One way to enhance the quality of your sleep to obtain these great benefits is to revamp your bedroom so that it feels entirely restful and complements your sleep. Pick out a new mattress at your Surrey mattress store or paint your room a tranquil color. Designing your setting to create a restful atmosphere may help you get the sleep you need for optimum health.