How to Stop Sleeping on Your Stomach


When you sleep on your stomach, you may be putting more unhealthy and unnecessary stress on your body that you are aware of. A person who sleeps on their stomach is a lot more likely to suffer from a strained neck as well as a sore lower back. This is because sleeping on your stomach forces your muscles into an asymmetrical position, where strain is placed on the spine, causing it to come out of alignment. Sleeping on your stomach can cause a number of other issues, including headaches and severe neck pains which can become chronic issues if not corrected. Many people who have made a habit of sleeping on their stomachs may find it hard to suddenly stop, but luckily there are a few ways you can prevent yourself from adding any unnecessary strain during your sleep.

Ribbon Technique

To reduce the amount of tossing and turning you engage in while you sleep during the night, you may want to consider tying a ribbon to your bedside table and lightly wrapping that ribbon around your wrist. This can be especially beneficial if you sleep alone, since you will be more susceptible to tossing and turning without another person taking up space in bed. By tying the ribbon to your wrist, it can simulate a slight pulling sensation while you sleep which can prevent you from rolling over off your back and onto your stomach.

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Body Pillow Technique

A body pillow is a long, cylindrical shaped pillow that can be used bed as a comfortable barrier that prevents a person from turning over in their sleep. A body pillow can be a great tool for a person who wants to transition from a stomach sleeping position to a healthier side sleeping position. It gives a person something to hold onto while they sleep, while making it harder to fully turn from their back to their stomach.

Consider an Adjustable Bed

Sleeping on an adjustable bed can be the best way to force yourself to remain on your back when you sleep. In addition to this, an adjustable bed is often the ideal choice for anyone who suffers from severe back pain or who is in need of some spinal correction. Adjustable beds from Ergomotion are available at WR Mattress and feature a selection of top mattress brands to choose from. By giving yourself the choice of what kind of incline you prefer and how much support to provide your back and legs with, you can quickly start to feel extremely well rested and comfortable when you wake up in the morning.

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